Can’t Miss Gemstone Trends of 2017

Whether you love gemstones just for their sheer beauty or like wearing gemstone jewelry for their inherent energy and healing power, 2017 promises to be a great year for those who like to accessorize with precious and semi-precious stones.

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From bohemian to punk right through to space-age and Art-Deco, fashion designers all over the world are making a statement with visually stunning, evocative jewelry. This year’s jewelry pieces are not discrete or difficult to spot. On the contrary, in 2017, gemstone pieces take center stage.

Color choices are rich, rather than pale, with dark rose quartz and stunning multi-blue larimar beads at the forefront. Long pearl chains are not far behind.

If you like accessorizing with pretty stones, creating a stunning look with breathtaking jewelry, 2017 is going to be a great year for you! Let’s look at the main gemstone protagonists of 2017.

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Fashion Designer’s Favorite Gemstones for 2017

The trend began late in 2016 when designers introduced an abundance of deep, rich gemstones to not merely complement their lines, but to open a whole new spectrum of beauty and color. Pale colors are less popular. Perhaps this year’s most popular gemstones combine to reflect the abundance of the natural, strong colors of the earth.

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Lush, Dark Pinks: Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Kunzite and Pink Tourmaline

Rose quartz has long been a favorite among women, simply because it symbolizes love and matters of the heart. It’s easily affordable and in abundant supply.

Single Kunzite crystal isolated on a white background


This year, jewelry designers have opted for the somewhat less available darker rose quartz and have created the most stunning long necklaces, pendants and large earrings. To add to the spectrum of pink, gems like strawberry quartz, with all the beautiful, rich inclusions, purple-pink kunzite and pink and watermelon tourmaline have emerged to complement and award more choice.

Designers like Phillip Lim have given girly, pink jewelry an edge by using darker colors and rough and uneven beads. He also mixes up a variety of gem sizes, shapes and styles.

Necklaces and bracelets now incorporate a variety of dark pink gem beads. Strawberry quartz, featuring dark inclusions, certainly looks far more eclectic than its predecessor, rose quartz. It seems the darker, rougher and richer in character a pink gem is, the more it will feature on this year’s catwalks.

This is great news for those of us who have always felt rose quartz to be just a little too sweet to wear. Even the edgiest among us can enjoy wearing pink jewelry this year.

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Shades of the Sea: Larimar, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Apatite and Azure-Malachite

I was thrilled to discover all the ocean-colored gemstones making a strong impact this year. Gems like turquoise and chrysocolla have long been my favorites. If you love the blue-green beauty of the ocean, you will be pleased to see jewelry incorporating larimar, turquoise, chrysocolla, amazonite, apatite and azure-malachite.

Larimar has emerged as the new front-runner, taking pole position from the ever-popular turquoise. Sources of larimar are in the Dominican Republic and provide abundant supplies.

Transitioning from beautiful sky blues to white, no larimar gem equals another. When you combine beads in a long necklace or large bead bracelet, you find yourself in possession of a piece of jewelry reflecting the ocean and the sky all at once.

Beautiful Amazonite or Amazon stone beads in bracelets

Lapis Lazuli, stunningly royal blue, and the green-layered amazonite also create incredibly graceful looks. Apatite, in its rough form, is a true gift from nature.

Perhaps this year you can express your love of the ocean by complementing your outfit with anything from a larimar bracelet to lapis lazuli earrings or amazonite necklaces, right through to the more unusual azure-malachite. Plus, blue-colored stones are said to awaken our powers of self-expression and creativity, according to crystal therapists. The sky’s the limit when it comes to wearing ocean-colored gemstone jewelry this year!

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Mysterious Greens: Peridot, Moss Agate, Jade, Jadeite, Nephrite, Green Tourmaline and Serpentine

Forty shades of green are just as amazing as ocean-blue beauty. Thankfully, there is no shortage of green gemstones to choose from.

This year’s front-runner among our lush green gems is peridot, a transparent, green gem with a yellow tinge. Designers have created stunning long, multi-strand necklaces from micro rondelles, bracelets with pear-shaped larger beads and corner-drilled beads to die for. Because peridot is transparent, the light will shine right through, causing your peridot jewelry to glisten.

Jade is opaque and earthier, but still as popular as ever, while jadeite is perhaps the lushest of green gems. Some pieces are as vibrant as the greenest, earthiest moss, and you can get some incredibly beautiful jadeite earrings and pendants.

Green Tourmaline, just like black tourmaline, is a composite of needle-like inclusions, transparent and featuring different hues of green. One piece is more beautiful than the next.

If you are looking for a darker shade of green, you may find a gorgeous dark, green serpentine pendant or perhaps opt for a long chain of serpentine micro beads. Nephrite can vary in color, from bright imperial green right through to a dark, nearly grayish green.

This year’s gemstone designers have gone for natural, earthy beauty. Any piece of jewelry featuring a green gem will be a top choice.

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Black Beauty: Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Black Jade

Black will forever provide timeless beauty, and you can never go wrong with a black gemstone piece. In 2017, designers have chosen to create edgy, sophisticated pieces of jewelry featuring black stones.

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The beads are chunky, the chains big, and the earrings also veer on the large side. You won’t look like a princess, however, if it’s elegance you are opting for. Try incorporating a piece of jewelry with black onyx or black tourmaline.

Smoky quartz has only become a popular gemstone in recent years, however. Smoky quartz jewelry pieces award a great air of mystery and style. Bracelets with dark smoky quartz beads of varying hues add timeless depth to any look.

On this year’s catwalks, models have been sporting a look that could be described as “industrial”, and black eclectic gemstones have helped to enhance this style considerably. Naturally, you can also find softer pieces made from round cabochons or beads, but then you wouldn’t be following the current trend. You will always be able to wear black gemstone jewelry, simply because black will always be the new black!

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Ice Cold and Crystal Clear: Rock Crystal, Selenite and Herkimer Diamond

The year 2017 has seen two different types of clear quartz jewelry: bohemian, rough-rock crystal pieces and ice-cold selenite stunners. Most designers are perhaps drawing inspiration from magical fairytales and legends of crystal magic. You can easily wear a rock crystal point on a simple, silver chain or opt for a bracelet featuring rough rock-crystal beads of different sizes.

Rock crystal is perhaps the most versatile and timeless quartz gem and simply possesses enduring beauty and style. Designers have used such an incredible array of cuts, shapes and sizes into all types of jewelry pieces that it is hard to choose. Depending on the gem choice and cut, you can create a plethora of styles and looks with the humble clear quartz bead.

In contrast, selenite is perhaps less commonly used. Pieces resemble icicles and create a look of cool and elegance.

Throughout the ages, rock crystal has held an incredible power, has been associated with magic and is believed to clear our minds and energize our body. I’m quite sure that rock crystal will feature strongly, not just in 2017 but for many years to come, simply because it’s the classic among gemstones.

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Metal-Look Might: Pyrite and Hematite

The punk era seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Perhaps we are not going for the mohawk or fluorescent green hair, but the metal look has certainly reemerged. Again, you will often find hematite and pyrite jewelry among the fashion greats this year, and it can be glamorous or edgy, depending on what clothing you are pairing your jewelry with.

Sphalerite Pyrite mineral closeup view

Hematite is dark silver in color, has been available and quite visible over the years and possesses a timeless appeal. Hematite jewelry is very versatile and can complement an elegant evening dress or denim. You will always look stylish when wearing hematite jewelry.

Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, is only lately emerging as a popular jewelry gem. Perhaps the popularity of copper has helped promote pyrite as a viable jewelry gemstone, and I can see the appeal.

Pyrite jewelry is fun! Whether you get an uneven, eclectic piece or a beautiful cut as shown in the image above, your pyrite jewelry will make a big impact. The year 2017 is about making a statement with gemstone jewelry, and you won’t fail to do just that with pyrite.

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Iridescent Color and Rainbow Light: Opal and Labradorite

If you are identifying trends by going on Instagram, the iridescent gemstones would probably come out on top. The ever-changing, often rainbow-colored gems like opal and labradorite are simply a feast for the eyes. The depth, warmth and variety of shades found in iridescent color gemstone jewelry remain unrivaled.

The only thing is that this type of gemstone does not complement. It demands center stage!

Opal comes in practically all colors and is widely available. The choice of colors is reflected in the wealth of shapes and styles that jewelry designers have created with this fabulous gemstone.

You can work with tiny beads, different cut beads or odd-shaped beads of varying sizes and go on to make the most stunning pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Labradorite is transparent and colors flow seamlessly from blue to yellow, green, gray, brown all the way to complete transparency. Few gemstones are quite as beautiful. If you can get your hands on a labradorite pendant, bracelet or any other type of jewelry, make sure you grab the opportunity.

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Earthy Warm Tones: Jasper and Agate

No gemstones offer as much warmth and depth of color as jasper and agate. Both gemstones are offered in a multitude of colors and are quite freely available. Designers have used both gemstones to create Native-American-style jewelry. If it’s color and abundance you want, then you must choose jasper or agate.

Agate druse cut


This year has seen the emergence of agate geode slice pendants, and they are simply stunning. Agate feature bands and layers and when you cut a rock, you come across a gorgeous feast of colors.

Geodes have long been cut and sold, perhaps as bookends, but now jewelry makers have chosen to cut thin slices and use them as pendants. The look created is breathtaking. Make sure to wear a pale, uni-colored top to complement, so that your geode slice pendant can truly make an impact.

Jasper and agate beads remain as popular as ever, and perhaps we are seeing the reemergence of power beads. Not long ago, jasper power bracelets with different meanings were enormously popular, even in celebrity circles.

You simply can’t go wrong with either of these two gemstones this year or perhaps any year.

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A Few Things to Note

Now that you know what gemstones are hot in 2017, I must tell you about a few interesting gem trends for 2017.

    • Large Earrings: Gemstone earrings are large this year, so don’t hold back, even if your earrings reach all the way down to your shoulders.

    • Unidentical Earrings: Yes, you guessed right, unidentical earrings are in - not that I would advocate mixing and matching! In 2017, you can get earrings that are just slightly different, featuring different gems, styles or patterns, while still complementing each other. They look great!Native American jewelry, featuring lots of gems, look amazing.

    • Native American Jewelry:

    • Art-Deco Florals: You will also find lots of Art-Deco-style jewelry with stunning florals on necklaces, bracelets and rings.

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2017 - An Amazing Gemstone Year

In 2017, gemstone jewelry takes center-stage. Designers have made a strong impact with incredible pieces that don’t just accessorize. Thanks to the rich array of gems, colors and styles, you can now create a look tailored to your jewelry. This year, choose your jewelry first and your outfit second.

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Now we see are seeing plenty of color and lots of beautiful gems at last! Whatever you do, don’t be shy about the gemstone jewelry you are wearing this year. In fact, you can get about just as creative as you could ever wish!

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