All About Blue Chalcedony Beads

Blue chalcedony bead with inscribed filigree

Chalcedony gemstones are a cryptocrystalline from within the quartz family. They rarely form a blue hue, however when they do, they can easily take on the hues of an amazing blue or a violet-blue.

These gems tend to be translucent to opaque quality, and they exhibit a waxy to glass-like luster. These beads are natural and perfect for any crafting or physical needs you may have.

General Information

The term “chalcedony” is derived from the ancient Greek town of Chalcedon in Asia Minor. It can be found worldwide and is made up of crystals that are too small to be seen without high magnification.

Typically, the name “Chalcedony” is only applied to the light blue hue of this stone in jewelry making. Many other stones in this group have separate names and are also commonly used.

Uses and Purposes

Blue and white chalcedony beads

It is believed that the Blue Chalcedony has many benefits to people who want to improve his or her public speaking skills. It is further believed that public speakers will benefit from touching this crystal before speaking. This stone can also be used as a peaceful stone, as that Blue Chalcedony can encourage both stillness and calm in the household.

Physical Healing Energy

Many believe that Chalcedony may have numerous healing powers. Chalcedony can aid in protecting against bad moods, obsessive jealousy and depression.

It also encourages the flow of fluids in the body. This can help with glaucoma, as well as stimulating milk production in new mothers. Additionally, it can help fight against plant allergies and numerous other respiratory problems.

Emotional Healing

Chalcedony can be used as a peaceful stone. It can aid in easing self-doubt and can help in bringing about inner peace to help with self-reflection. Blue Chalcedony can center the emotional energy field. This can be extremely helpful to those who tend to worry, as it can cause more focus on the present instead of worrying about possible outcomes in the future.

Chakra Healing

Blue Chalcedony is a stone of communication, and therefore stimulates the Throat Chakra. As the voice of the body, the Throat Chakra can allow energy from all the other chakras to be expressed, and if it is out of balance, it can affect the health of all other chakras.

When the Throat Chakra is open and balanced, we can easily express our inner self. Energy is sprung up from lower chakras and an open Throat Chakra can allow that energy to continue its natural path of release.

Color Energy

Blue chalcedony and banded agate

The light blue hue of the Blue Chalcedony can help one reflect, question and relax about all the events in life. They can help develop patience and seek forgiveness. Oftentimes, they are helpful for people with tempers or destructive tendencies, and they can also help individuals become more cheerful.


Chalcedony has a unique place in ancient human history. Due to its vast availability and great durability, it was often used for the makings of man-made weapons, as well as tools and utensils.

It was and still is used for the making of commesso, otherwise known as a Florentine mosaic. This is an artistic technique of creating pictures made of thin, cut to shape pieces of brightly-colored semi-precious stones.

Typically, landscapes are the subject matter of these pieces. This technique was developed in Florence in the late 16th century.

Uses in Jewelry

The Blue Chalcedony is a tough and durable stone, which means the stone can be worn daily. These stones never lose their glowing characteristic, which has caused a recent increase in the demand for jewelry made from this stone.


Blue Chalcedony can be found in a variety of cuts. While its beauty can be enhanced by being cut in a cabochon shape, it is often used in other shapes. Recently, modern jewelry makers have used this stone in many new and innovative shapes.

Carat Weight

This light-colored stone is typically found in large pieces. For most jewelry items, any carat weight below five is easily available at quite reasonable prices, however for rings and earrings, the ideal weight is between two and four carats. The usual practice is the use of one stone for a piece, however, this can change with more intricate designs.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Chalcedony has many spiritual and artistic uses. It is renowned throughout history for its durability and healing powers.

Purchase wholesale gemstone beads and create your own jewelry so you can wear this stone if you suffer from a headache, a sore throat or an earache.  The Blue Chalcedony also promotes feelings of kindness and compassion.