5 Ways to Re-Invent the Way You Wear Beads

Create your own dazzling accessories with high-quality beads

Creating your own jewelry is a great way to add your personal style to the individual beauty of high-quality beads. If you’re tired of wearing your beautiful beads in the traditional necklace style, there are lots of ways for you to re-invent the way you wear them!

Consider these fashionable ideas to dress up your everyday jewelry, with high-quality beading and a creative flair!



Double-faced earrings are a trendy new design that adds an extra bead to the back of the earlobe. The design is great for wearers who have trouble deciding on earring color, as this style allows you to mix and match your colors and designs every time.

The double-faced earring can be created using a pair of small beads for the front lobe, and a pair of larger beads for the back of the lobe. The larger beads should each have one large hole, which you can then fill with a clear backing. Simply slide the front lobe earring into the rubber backing for totally new looks with your beads!

If you want to have a more professional look, consider using classic pearls. These will still look trendy without being too flashy for your work attire. Beads of Cambay has stunning freshwater pearls that you can browse through based on shape or color. There is also the option to purchase Large Hole Freshwater Pearls that would be perfect for a double-faced earring project.



Not every piece of jewelry has to be near your hands or face; there are a lot of other options that will make you feel beautiful and different! If you’re looking for something a more boho-chic, then you should consider creating a beaded belly chain for your next piece of jewelry!

Belly chains are a beautiful way to dress up other parts of your outfit that would otherwise be overlooked. Whether you’re wearing pants, a skirt, or a bathing suit, belly chains add a splash of color and texture to an otherwise plain outfit.

Belly chains can be made with a variety of different beads, which means that they’re great for various occasions and events. You can easily create your own belly chain with your choice of beads and chain links, or you can purchase them already fused. These Hand Wrapped Chains from Beads of Cambay are handcrafted, and can be worn in twos or threes, depending on your personal style.

Mix up colors such as the Mystic Drusy Vermeil Bezel Chain and the Amethyst Oval Vermeil Bezel Chain for jewel-toned beads that are perfect for a brightly-colored dress or metallic bikini.


One of the most recent trends that has started rolling back into the fashion cycle is the bohemian-inspired headdress. These statement accessories can be made with almost any object, from ribbons and florals to braided fabrics and elastics.

While many of the creations suggest an easier, carefree style, using beading for your headband can create a more exotic look with metallic chains and quality beading. Headdresses can be as simple as using a single chain of beading around the head, or you can create a more complicated design with dropping details, a centered piece, and various beading colors.

To make an even more dramatic effect, adding a focal bead to the front of the forehead is a great way to make your headdress truly stand out. These Golf Lead Drusy Focal Beads are the perfect stones to add the finishing touch to your exotic accessory.



You might assume that hand jewelry is only meant for your fingers and wrists, but it’s actually the combination of the two that make up beautiful hand back designs that embellish the whole hand.

Hand jewelry combines rings and bracelets with chains along the middle, which are adorned with small or large jewels throughout. There are a wide variety of ways to create this kind of accessory, incorporating chains that link to either one ring finger or all five if you wish. This article can show you how to create your own hand jewelry.

This type of accessory tends to be a more of a type of custom fashion, which is worn to important or dressy occasions. Depending on the occasion, you can create hand jewelry with smaller beads for a less dramatic but stylish design, or use bright jewel tones and large beading for a greater statement piece. There is also the option to wear them on both hands, so as to create a symmetrical design in the style.

Beads of Cambay offers high-quality gemstone beads with rose gold chains that are perfect for this kind of accessory. Consider colors such as the Frosted Neon Apatite, Frosted Green Chalcedony, or Frosted Rhodolite Garnet for vivid jewel tones that are sure to impress.


While the classic necklace or bracelet it a sure thing when you’re putting together a special outfit, consider using your beads in a different way to change up your look. High-grade beading merchandise is available from Beads of Cambay, and the company is the perfect place to look for the style of beading that will suit your vision best, and make your unique accessory stand out in a crowd.

Be sure, when picking out your beading, that you know ahead of time what kind of accessory you will be creating. This will make it easier for you to decide how many beads you’ll need, and what size and weight are best.