Minimalist Jewelry — 21 Trending Pieces to Buy Right Now


If you like subtle jewelry, the minimalist route is the way to go.

Minimalist jewelry ranges from subtle

rings and ear rings to subtle linear necklaces. If you are thinking of past seasons, then chances are you

are thinking “opulence,” but that fad is slowly but steadily becoming overshadowed by subtle

accessories which are daintier.

Some of the minimalist jewelry to look out for this season has got to be the triangular and square

necklace and ring designs. That being said, the following are some of the jewelry options that have been

designed keeping the minimalist in mind. In addition to these pieces, you will also find the more ornate

and architectural designs of necklaces and the use of sentimental pearls rather than the ones that are

intentionally designed to grab people’s attention.

1 Be Square

Did you know that it's actually hip to be square? For instance, more and more people are turning toward
chic square charms and earrings. Apart from that, square bangle bracelets are also making a comeback
this summer, and they will be a good option for those who want to keep it simple and still look stylish at
the same time.

2 Hexagon Necklace

You might already know that the six sided polygon is called a hexagon, but did you know that a hexagon-
shaped pendant is called cute? Hexagonal designs have made a comeback in a big way, and look both
modern and minimal, no matter what the ensemble. The one above features a solid raw brass pendant,
along with a delicate gold-filled chain which could go nicely with pretty much any outfit.

3 Bold Geometric Earrings

This is a somewhat different approach to the minimalist style. You can use a geometric earring design to
bring a bolder edge to your minimalist style this season. If you’re looking for something different,
hexagonal halos have an art deco influence and adds a vintage touch to your style, while keeping things
modern at the same time. You can find yourself some simple and yet striking contours online and add
them to your jewelry box.

Gold Geometric Post Earrings

Well, nothing says minimalist more than a pair of gold (or silver) geometric post earrings. These

geometric post earrings are a great addition to any wardrobe, and you will soon find them to be a daily

occurrence in your minimalist jewelry lineup.

White Coin Freshwater Pearls

Pearl jewelry is great for a bride on the beach, but they also work well when it comes to a minimalist

style statement. No matter where they come from, each has their own style and uniqueness, along with

a wide range of colors and shapes. Plus, pearls have a way of bringing a rustic and organic feel to your

informal outfits or if you’re going to a bohemian celebration.

6 Metal Disc Necklace

This minimalist necklace is the perfect piece to either layer up with another necklace or wear solo. No
matter which route you go, this is the perfect minimalist design for those days where you can’t really
make up your mind which way to go.

Gold Curved Bar Necklace

This could very well be the most perfect necklace out there when it comes to the minimalist design.
Whether you’re feeling like a silky cami, or an LBD, this curved bar necklace will work its wonders no
matter what you choose.

8 TriColor Coin Freshwater Pearls

You could also go with the TriColor coin freshwater pearls this season. The irregular coin shapes and the

light iridescent hues make them perfect to wear with almost any outfit. If you’re looking for something

different this season, why not go with the many options available in these coin shaped, freshwater


Hoop Earrings

It’s amazing how it takes just a simple black bead to make your minimalist style shine. You can

completely transform the traditional hoop earrings with black beads to make them a lot more

interesting to look at. The best part of it all is that these beads have no problem making the transition

from night to day or vice versa. Just add these beauties to your collection and, voila! You’ve got yourself

one of the most sophisticated looking minimalist designs this season.

Which Coin Freshwater Pearls 10

Off white, off round large-hole freshwater pearls come in a great creamy hue, along with a good luster

that goes well with just about any ensemble. The off white hue seems to be making a comeback with a

vengeance, after taking the back seat in minimalist fashion in the past few years.

11 Trapezoid Teardrop Earrings

There is really only one way to describe the Trapezoid Teardrop earrings, and that’s sophisticated. Apart
from that, you can also call them simple and streamlined, which is always good when going the
minimalist route, especially with blue jeans and a white tee.

12 Enamel Enamored

When it comes to minimalist design, the name of Alexander McQueen can never be too far behind. And

why would it? The renowned designer has given us some great pieces that are truly works of art, from

enamel bracelet bangles to pendants and chains. You can get yourself some of this designer’s arm candy

and do wonders with your minimalist fashion statement this season. Since pretty much all of the pieces

go well with almost every outfit you can think of, making the arm bracelet a part of your wardrobe will

be a good idea no matter what the season.

13 Rose Gold Plated Copper Chain Brushed Round and Marquise

This Rose Gold plated copper chain not only enables you to make the best fashion statement possible,
the metal is also protected from the changes in the environment. This particular gold plated chain has
been brushed finished to give it that added brilliance and is certainly a good choice when it comes to
getting that minimalist style that you crave.

14 Dark Peacock Navy Button Freshwater Pearls

These Dark Peacock Navy Button Freshwater pearls offer great luster no matter which outfit you pair
them up with. Apart from that, you also get nacre quality on these very dark hued bodies which are also
available in various multi-color hues. Pair this up with any other piece of jewelry you’re wearing to a
dinner or a tea party, and watch heads turn.

15 Neon Blue Apatite Plain Rondelle Beads

These 3mm neon Apatite plain Rondelles offer great luster and an excellent looking finish, which gives it
that laid back, outdoors-style look. The vibrant and dark neon colored blue hue with light internal
characteristics makes it easy on the eyes and also an easy choice when going for the minimalist

16 Pivot Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking to make a style statement, then this Pivot pendant necklace offers a bold punch of
color which will give you that extra pop with every outfit you decide to pair with it. Since minimalist
doesn’t necessarily mean monochromatic, this double-sided pendant is the perfect choice to make your
outfit look extra special.

17 Charms

We’ve talked about charms before, but even more delicate pieces are the charm necklaces and
bracelets which are great for giving you the feminine look and making a fashion statement, all at the
same time. Whether you choose from Alexander McQueen or Dolce & Gabbana, you will definitely get
the right look for your outfit every time by including exotic charms to your accessories.

18 Animal Instincts

If you’re gunning for the exotic with your minimalist approach this season, why not go that extra mile
and include some creatures to your jewelry collection. Let’s just face it; there is something about
wrapping a snake around your neck which gives you that lethal look you won’t find in other ornaments.
This season, show some of your fearless confidence by adding a dragon head, a panther, or a feline to
your neck or your ear lobes.

19 Precious Gemstone Beads

Ruby beads which are at the end of the purplish-red variety of gemstones have been prized by
fashionistas for ages, and rightly so. These beads have the ability to give off an air of confidence to the
wearer, along with enabling them to make a strong fashion statement. Besides that, rubies have always
been considered as the jewel of wealth and nobility, so there you go. You can show other people how
rich you are, as well as make a fashion statement of your own.

20 Labradorite Faceted Round Gold Filled Chain

This Labradorite-faceted, round gold-filled chain is basically a hand-crafted rosary chain which can go
well with any outfit, casual or otherwise. When looking for a minimalist approach to fashion, look no
further than this exquisitely designed piece of jewelry to find your inner fashionista.

21 Arrowstack Necklace

This arrowstack necklace deserved a spot in our list simply because it’s a cool design which gives the
wearer an edgy yet simple look that you simply cannot beat. This piece of minimalist jewelry will most
definitely be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

Ending Note

So, there you have it: your best choices while going the minimalist route this season. Besides these, you
can always go with the traditional 14 or 18k gold studs which have been worn virtually forever by those
who are minimalist, and those who are not like everyone else. The Huggie hoops are also another cute
choice for your ears and are quite beautiful to look at. When going the minimalist route, don’t forget

that white gold has a warmer and richer look than bright sterling silver, and it also tends to be
responsible for fewer skin allergies than silver. You can also go with the traditional yellow gold option,
like just about everyone, but, if you have a warm skin tone, you will definitely look great in it. Other
options while going the minimalist route are: platinum, titanium, and rhodium-plated sterling silver
options, along with the stainless steel variety of minimalist jewelry, which are all great options when
considering the minimalist route.