Why We Love Larimar Beads

Larimar bead bracelet

The blue-hued Larimar bead is distinct and beautiful, making for an elegant addition to any jewelry piece. Larimar originated in the Dominican Republic and was discovered first in the early 1900s, but was then rediscovered nearly 50 years ago when it began to be mined.

It’s a gorgeous and unique gemstone that can be molded into a one-of-a-kind bead used to create diverse, high-quality jewelry. At Beads of Cambay, we have many varieties of Larimar beads available for you to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are some of the reasons why we’re in love this bead.



The Larimar stone is a rare form of pectolite, a typically white or gray mineral that is crystallized. Larimar has a brilliant light-to-dark blue hue, making this precious gemstone as gorgeous as the sea where it is found. In fact, it’s only found in one mine which is located in the Dominican Republic. thus deemed the “Jewel of the Caribbean.”

While many gemstone hunters believe the stones were previously found on the beach, this is no longer the case. Found in 1974 by a U.S. Army Peace Corps member and a local, Miguel Mendez, a mine was built near the Bahoruco River, and Larimar began to be harvested.

The name, Larimar, comes from Mendez’s daughter’s name, Larissa, blended with “mar” meaning “the sea” in Spanish.


Unique Color

Striking blue hues make up this unique stone. Ranging from a light cerulean to a dark navy, there are swirls of green and white creating unique patterns throughout the beads. No two beads are identical.



Larimar is volcanic material and compared with other softer pectolite stones, it’s incredibly hard, ranging from five to seven on the Mohs scale. This means it is hardy and versatile, and ideal for creating jewelry pieces that last. It’s also important to know that the darker the color, the harder the bead and the higher the quality it is.


A Piece of the Caribbean

Gemstone lovers from all over the world seek out Larimar beads when they visit the Dominican Republic. Many feel the connection to the special place while wearing Larimar. It is said to create harmony in the body and soul for its wearers, bringing them the peace and joy found in the Caribbean.


Connection to Atlantis

Many believe the mythical sunken island of Atlantis was located between the Dominican Republic and Haiti in the Caribbean Sea. The Larimar stone was connected to the island, as it is only found in the area. In Europe, it is called the Atlantis Stone.


Healing Properties

larimar bead jewelry

Quite possibly the most intriguing aspect of the Larimar gemstone is its healing and metaphysical properties, honored by many gem and crystal enthusiasts.

Larimar is said to be connected to the throat chakra, which is associated with clear communication and speech. Therefore, it’s a wonderful gift for one trying to improve those areas of their life where they are having trouble communicating. It can provide clarity and reduce the stress some feel when trying to communicate their feelings. It is also connected to the third eye chakra, promoting introspection and self-awareness as well as wisdom. It can help one manifest thoughts and dreams externally.

Additionally, it is said to create positivity and peace. For those who protect their heart due to past trauma and painful situations, it can help open up the heart and release emotions.

Due to its volcanic properties, it can soothe tense situations and cool the most hot-headed of individuals. It also helps wearers overcome their fear of hospitals, doctors, or surgeries and is helpful for mothers-to-be and new mothers, with its stress-relieving properties.

Last, it is said to help ease stress and anxiety, as well as temper panic attacks, providing calm and peace.

woman with larimar bead jewelry

Ideas for Working with Larimar Beads

Larimar beads are a beautiful and wonderful addition to many custom pieces. A few favorites of ours include:

    • Pendants: Pendant necklaces are the perfect piece for displaying the striking Larimar stone. They can easily be incorporated into any statement piece and are sure to be a conversation starter!

    • Leather bracelets: The contrast of this bead worn with leather creates an interesting boho look. Use leather to string the bracelet, and either gold or silver clasps will complement the Larimar.

    • Wire jewelry: Wrapping a Larimar stone in wire brings out the color and uniqueness of the Larimar stone. Once you have wrapped it, attach it to a necklace of smaller beads for a high-end look.

  • Calming bracelets: Use the rounded Larimar beads to string together a calming bracelet that can be worn alone or stacked for an on-trend look.