Pearls are milky white gemstones with a touch of shimmer to them. They are the birthstone of the people born in June and signify purity, innocence, and humility.

Pearls are timeless and also go well with other stones of other colors. It is a versatile gemstone. Freshwater pearls are gemstones from mollusks, similar to oysters, clams, or mussels, in freshwater environments. Pearls are usually formed when an irritant finds its way into a mollusk species, which then creates a liquid around the irritant that can also be a sand grain. It takes many years for the magic to happen.Layers of the liquid coating being deposited on the irritant over many years cause the formation of a pearl. These iconic gemstones form naturally in water environments and can also be made in a more controlled environment by humankind.

Natural pearls, however, are rarer than cultured ones, which is why they are also more expensive. But that does not take away from the quality of freshwater. You will find the best quality of these on the Beads of Cambay website. 

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How are Freshwater Pearls Compared with other types of pearls?

Pearls have always traditionally formed in the sea. However, these types of pearls are rarer compared to freshwater ones. This is because freshwater pearls are man-made and cultured. These pearls are made in a controlled environment with the intention of producing them in higher quantities. 

As saltwater pearls are rarer, they are also more expensive. It is true that freshwater ones are comparatively cheaper, but that does not imply that they are of lower quality. Beads of Cambay has some of the finest freshwater pearls. Just browse through our website and you are sure to be amazed with beautiful collection of pearls we have. 

What are the Sizes, Shapes, and Colors of Freshwater Pearls?

Another important thing to note about the freshwater variety is that because they are cultured, it is possible to have them in various shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, colors. 

Apart from the milky white luster of pearls, the freshwater ones are also available in a wide variety of pastel colors such as pink, purple, peach, lavender, beige, and shades between all of these. 

Designer jewelry designers are attracted to their characteristics. 

When it comes to sizes, there are baroque pearls as well as stick ones, button pearls, drop pearls, coin-shaped ones, and off-round as well as round ones. 

Beads of Cambay has a wide range of these pearls and also a large range of wide-hole pearls as well.

How Valuable Are Freshwater Pearls? 

These pearls are the most common types of gemstones found. However, a round pearl that is also very lustrous is extremely difficult to find, even though these are cultured. 

You will get them at really big jewelry stores or online shops such as Beads of Cambay. Their rich, bright luster will last you for the rest of your life and the coming generations. 

Where Do Freshwater Pearls Come From?

Freshwater pearls are produced commercially in China, the United States, and Japan. Nevertheless, China dominates the segment with the highest market share.

Each mollusk is implanted surgically at freshwater pearl farms with around 24 to 32 mantle tissues. This process is called nucleation. 

After the tissue gets inserted, a sac is formed, and the cells start to secrete nacre, which forms a pearl -- which is essentially a calcium carbonate compound. 

Over around seven years, the mussels keep depositing layers of nacre around the gemstones, which usually produce over 24 pearls clustered inside each shell. 

After the pearls are harvested from these farms, millions of these gemstones are segregated based on their shape, color, size, and quality. Loose pearls are available for individual sale after this. The matched pearls are also sold on "hanks," which are essentially temporary strings. 

A closer look at the variety of Freshwater Pearls

Beads of Cambay offers a wide variety of freshwater pearls of the finest quality at the best rates. 

While the online jewelry store specializes in large hole pearls, it also has quite a few other options. Pearls have always been iconic when it comes to jewelry design. They are timeless. They have an elite vibe. Donning pearls will instantly make your outfit look rich, and the finer the quality of the pearls, the richer the look. 

The other pearls available on the website include keshi freshwater pearls. These are the ones that are non-nucleated. They are not formed as pearls but as a by-product of the same cultured process. These tiny pearls have a beauty of their own. They come in various shapes and sizes. They are not perfectly round, but that is the whole point.

The by-product of the process is so beautiful that it has become its own variety. They add a bit of a fun element to your jewelry. 

Let us also talk about coin freshwater pearls. These gemstones are flat but lustrous. They can be worn both during the day and at night. These flat, disk-shaped gemstones are delicate and make great jewelry. 

The multitude of color options for freshwater pearls

The best part about freshwater pearls is their color. While the traditional saltwater pearls are found in just one milky white, lustrous color, the freshwater ones come in so many types. And that is one thing Beads of Cambay is known for, apart from its top-quality products at the best prices in the market. 

Blue freshwater pearls come in lovely metallic shades. These, too, have various shapes and sizes, such as round, oval, off-round, and large holes. The pearls, when strung together, make beautiful jewelry that you just cannot take your eyes off of. These pearls are usually worn at night due to their metallic shades. 

And then there are champagne pearls. These beautiful rose gold pearls are timeless. They give off such a royal shine—a beautiful sight to behold. These, too, are available in various sizes and shapes on the Beads of Cambay website. There are also golden, brown, and orange pearls that are closer to the champagne color range. 

And then there are the green freshwater pearls, just as the name suggests. Another famous variety is the peacock freshwater pearl. These come in shades ranging from green to blue and everything in between.

These are metallic shades that have a magnetic look and a lovely shine reflecting from the surface. These come in various shapes and sizes, as well as color combinations. 

Freshwater Pearl Care Tips

Now, let us discuss how you can clean and store your pearl jewelry. To start, wipe your pearls with a damp microfiber cloth. This removes all the dirt, dust, etc., that has accumulated on the surface. This has to be done before storing the jewelry. 

Keep your freshwater pearls in a light and cool environment. High heat can burn the pearls, causing discoloration or causing them to split or crack. Also, keep in mind that the pearls are not stored in an airtight container. They require moisture; too much dryness will cause cracks in these precious gemstones. 

Also, another important thing to remember is to wrap a piece of cloth around the pearls or keep them separately in pouches before keeping them with the rest of your jewelry. Taking this extra measure will prevent your pearls from getting any bumps and scratches on the surface. 

Final Thoughts: Where Can I Buy Natural Freshwater Pearls?

This timeless piece of jewelry can be bought from a good jewelry store or online, as well as from the Beads of Cambay website, which is known for offering just the best products at very competitive pricing in the market. 

Pearls have been and will always be iconic, so having them as part of your jewelry wardrobe is essential. Blue freshwater pearls are a great option to buy if you are looking for something metallic. They go well with evening outfits. 

What makes these pearls interesting is the number of other shades that they are available in. The champagne shades, or even the peach ones, are gorgeous.

Pearls suit everybody and are sure to suit you as well. The green freshwater pearls are also a part of the lovely peacock shades. These colors are also metallic.

Pearls are a jewelry staple that suits everybody. Apart from making you feel gorgeous, they will also give you a rich and royal look. They never go out of style, are always in fashion, and can be worn at any time of day as well.

They are also known to be symbols of integrity, peace, and humility. Browse the Beads of Cambay website to select the pearls of your choice. These are one of the finest varieties of the gem you will find, delivered to you with impeccable service.

You are sure to be in awe of the products once you receive them. Don't wait any longer; make that purchase today. Your pearls are waiting for you at home.

April 24, 2023 — Arun Yadav