Aquarius birthstones hold a special significance for those born under this eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac. Those born between January 20 and February 18 are recognized for their inventiveness and intellectual curiosity. They also have a unique combination of independence and altruism. One intriguing facet of astrology is the connection between specific gemstones and each zodiac sign. We will travel through the world of Aquarius birthstones in this guide, learning about their characteristics, properties, and jewelry-related importance.

What is the Aquarius Birthstone?

Eleventh in the list of zodiac signs is the sign of Aquarius. "What month is Aquarius?" is a common question asked by those curious about zodiac signs and astrology. A person born between January 19 and February 19 is known as an Aquarius. The element of air is connected to the ruler of Aquarius, the planet Uranus. Garnet and amethyst are two of the most important birthstones for Aquarius. Garnet is a stone that is both red and a symbol of force. Purple in color, amethyst is known as the stone of tranquility.

Aquarius Gemstones

In order to correspond with the various characteristics that are associated with the Aquarius zodiac sign, birthstones come in a wide range of colors and energies. Aquarius crystals encompass a variety of gemstones, such as Aquamarine Beads, Sodalite Beads, and Hematite Beads, each offering unique energies and benefits. Take a look at some of the most beautiful gemstones that Aquarians can wear:



It is said that amethyst is the birthstone (or "power stone") most associated with Aquarius and that pairing it with a February-born Aquarian increases its potency even further. Amethyst Beads are the popular Aquarius gemstone, resonating with the sign's introspective nature and desire for inner peace.

When considering the Aquarius birthstone color, one might think of hues like electric blue or turquoise, reflecting the sign's affinity for innovation and individuality. Because of its rare blueish-purple hue and the energy it contains from Uranus, this stone was highly sought after by the ancients. It has profound spiritual meaning and is connected to the crown and third eye chakras. Intuition and communication with your higher self can be enhanced when you wear amethyst, which is often worn alongside the amplifier Lapis Lazuli Beads. Amethyst helps Aquarians stabilize their emotions and keep them from being too anxious, which is helpful because Uranus rules Aquarius.

This stone promotes a more restful night's sleep, mental clarity, and less worry, thanks to its healing energy. Even migraines can be prevented by using it. Additionally, those born under the Aquarius sign often have psychic powers, which this birthstone enhances even further.


The "crystal" serves as a shield, although it is really fossilized tree resin. Amber is a stone of rebirth and transformation, a balm for the troubled emotions of an Aquarian who is always striving to make a difference in the world. The solar plexus and sacral chakras, which amber is associated with, are responsible for fostering self-assurance and resolve. Since Aquarians aren't always great at committing, this stone is a great remedy for that.


A sea-green stone that has long been believed to bestow the fortitude necessary for seafarers to tackle the open seas. Aquamarine is most effective when worn under a full moon because it promotes mental clarity, insight, and self-assurance while also harmonizing with the throat chakra, which allows one to express oneself authentically. Since Aquarians are known to be quite reserved, aquamarine gives them a great deal of confidence. To alleviate the strain of a hectic lifestyle, aquamarine opens a channel to the heart chakra.

Black Onyx 

Black onyx is connected to the root chakra and is associated with protection and grounding excessive energy. So, an Aquarian won't be swayed by the worry or tension that comes from overthinking things or doubting themselves. A person's self-awareness and the contrasting aspects of their personality can be enhanced by this stone. This stone may transform weaknesses into strengths through the use of forceful energies, which was overlooked by ancient civilizations that had a negative perception of it. If you're looking for a way to let go of the hurt from emotional trauma, Black Onyx is a great choice.


Named after the Greek word meaning "blood," hematite is a hefty, silver-grey (or reddish) crystal of iron ore that is both grounding and detoxifying. In order to overcome trauma or self-imposed limits, this crystal is a good choice because of its self-healing capabilities. As a result, you'll feel less confused and closer to your life's genuine purpose. While Aquarius is an air sign, hematite helps ground them in reality and restore their ideals. Not only is it a root chakra stone, but it also acts as a shield against electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produced by modern technology.


There are many different varieties of jasper, but the red one is the most compatible with Aquarius. This stone, which is associated with the sacral and root chakras, grounds energy and promotes creativity and self-assurance. Jasper Beads, sometimes called "the endurance stone," is a protective stone for the airy Aquarians who are prone to burnout. Not only is jasper a lucky stone that brings prosperity, but it also works wonders when combined with garnet to purify the base chakras.



As a stone associated with the moon and feminine energy, moonstone allows Aquarians to more easily adapt to life's changing seasons. The world's propensity to impose constraints on Aquarians' ambitions can, at times, annoy them when they're riding high on their freedom cycle. As the moon rises and sets, the Moonstone Beads remind them to trust in and honor the natural cycles of change. In the event that an Aquarian feels emotionally detached or lonely, this stone might help them reestablish contact with themselves.

Pink/Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, sometimes called pink quartz, hyaline quartz, or strawberry rose quartz, is a stone of harmony and unconditional love that can harmonize the heart chakra and mend broken emotions. Everyone has inherent goodness in them, and Aquarians are known to fight societal injustice on a frequent basis because of their empathy and compassion. They can recover from the wounds inflicted by this road with the aid of Rose Quartz Beads, which also reminds them not to lose sight of themselves in caring for others. Along with helping them achieve their goal, it provides the admirable traits of kindness and empathy.



A stone that is sacred to poets. Aquarians might benefit from the mind-centering energy of the blue and white sodalite stone when it comes to keeping track of their hectic schedules. 

In addition to improving focus, memory, and information retention, it promotes original thought while strengthening focus and clarity. Sodalite is associated with the throat and third eye chakras, which helps introverted Aquarians find companions and like-minded individuals, and it also has organizational properties.



Although it occurs in a rainbow of pinks and purples, sugilite is one of the rarest birthstones for Aquarians. This spiritually enhancing stone encourages Aquarians to let go of their anxieties and make room for profound joy.

As a gemstone associated with liberation, Sugilite Beads encourages its wearer to embrace a genuine sense of freedom, not merely in the physical sense of traveling freely but also in the mental sense, by releasing any attachments to negative emotions or ideas that may be weighing them down. 

Sugilite, as sugary as it can be, alleviates pain and headaches so you can see well again. It allows you to let go of your fears and embrace forgiveness on an emotional level. It aids in channeling psychic skills and strengthens your calling from a spiritual perspective.


Which Crystals Are Unlucky for an Aquarius?

Despite the fact that every person may have a unique resonance with particular gemstones, there are some sources that say that Tiger's Eye and Ruby may not be as harmonic for Aquarians. When it comes to choosing crystals and gemstones that are in harmony with your energy and intentions, it is absolutely necessary to put your faith in your intuition.

  1. Tiger's Eye: The Tiger's Eye is associated with Saturn, the rival of the Sun, and it has the potential to disrupt the energy field of an Aquarian, which might result in emotions of restlessness or anger to the Aquarian.
  1. Ruby: Although it is a sign of chastity and ardor, Ruby derives its power from the Sun, which might be in conflict with the influence of Saturn. Wearing Ruby may not be recommended for Aquarians, despite the fact that it has the potential to harmonize with other stones associated with the sign of Aquarius, such as garnet and amethyst.

How to Use the Aquarius Stones?

There is a list of beautiful gemstones that complement, amplify, and balance Aquarius characteristics; it is worthwhile to know how to use these stones to their full potential. The birthstone of Aquarius can be used in a multitude of ways. You can create an altar with tumbling gemstones, hold a worry stone in your hand when you need to reflect, gaze into crystal spheres to see what's beyond, or wear beautiful birthstone jewelry to help you establish a daily intention.

Wearing a jewelry set with a birthstone is a time-honored custom that is a beautiful way to affirm your belief in the limitless healing power of gemstones. Jewelers have long customarily crafted birthstone jewelry, including bracelets, pendants, charms, and more, as a thoughtful present for the lucky recipient. 

Additionally, birthstone jewelry has the additional benefit of bringing healing aspects all day long, in addition to the sacredness of receiving a gift that is so particularly tailored. Having Aquarius gemstones placed against the skin is one of the finest ways to experience their full potential. Wearing gemstones against the skin allows the therapeutic properties of each stone to be transferred to the area that needs them the most. Embrace the natural flow and allow the restorative energies of Aquarius to manifest your prosperity. 

If you own Aquarius jewelry and would like to cleanse your throat chakra, one way to do so is to keep the stone close by as you write in your diary or practice voicing your sentiments aloud. Beginning the journey toward openness requires the consistent, dedicated practice of allowing your emotions to rise from the depths of your being into the physical realm.

How Do You Clean Aquarius Stones And Jewelry?

It is essential to wash and charge healing crystals regularly so they can continue to absorb bad energy and channel connections. To maintain their spiritual charge, healing gemstones should be released after intense energy exercises or on a weekly basis. A simple method for cleaning a lot of gemstones is to hold them under lukewarm running water for a short while before patting them dry.

Because some stones don't like the heat and because really hot water might harm crystal surfaces, it's best to avoid using these methods when cleaning your crystals. 

Crystals can be further charged and cleansed by leaving them in the presence of other energetically dense stones, such as tumbling quartz. Alternatively, you can restore the health of your crystals by placing them in soil or mineral water. Another effective method for recharging crystals and dispersing negative energy is to use sage smoke or smudging.

Recharging your Aquarius stone can also be achieved by placing it briefly in the sun or under slanted moonlight.

Final Thoughts on Aquarius Birthstones

As you explore the world of Aquarius birthstones, remember that the most significant aspect is the personal connection you feel with each gemstone. Whether you're drawn to the soothing energy of Amethyst or the vibrant hues of Aquamarine, let your intuition guide you in selecting the perfect gemstone to accompany you on your journey.

When seeking crystals for Aquarius, individuals might consider stones like Amethyst for spiritual growth, Aquamarine for communication, and Sodalite for logical thinking and intuition. At Beads of Cambay, we offer a wide selection of Aquarius birthstone products at wholesale prices, allowing you to discover the perfect piece to complement your unique essence.

By understanding the significance of Aquarius birthstones, you can deepen your connection to your astrological sign and enhance your spiritual journey with the power of gemstones. Accept the transforming force of these crystals and let them light your way to development, realization, and contentment.

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