The Best Jewelry Settings for Kite-Shaped Focal Beads

Admirers of your jewelry need to have their collective gaze fall on one detail so they can appreciate the design as a whole. This is why jewelers reach for focal beads, the heart of each piece. Why do so many of them choose the kite shape for this object of beauty? Simple: These stones are bold, sleek and eternally beautiful.

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The Kite Shape and Its Challenges

Each shape and cut comes with its own limitations, but the kite shape requires an extra layer of thought and design. Done correctly, this cut is memorable and makes a statement. Handled the wrong way, it’s a constant drag, it catching on fences, snagging sweaters and making your customers skip to the spheres.

Help your shoppers — and your Instagram admirers — appreciate kite shaped focal beads with the right setting. When your stone has the right border around its edges, everything changes. Suddenly an odd shape becomes a wow moment, and that’s what you want.


Bold Rings for Your Fingers

The diamond is a classic, and as a finishing touch on a kite-shaped gem, it can make a ring extra special. This beautiful piece from Instagrammer Margaux Moments, is a great example of how much the cut shines with the right design.

Here, a dark, opaque stone is bordered by sterling silver with a few extra details in the corners. These serve to add a touch of style as well as an assurance that the points of the kite cut won’t bother the wearer. To finish it off, three miniature kite-cut diamonds balance out the wider base. We love how this ring looks professional and fashionable all at once. Make or find yourself a kite-cut stone in a memorable ring to dress up any outfit.

Anueva Jewelry is another great artist who loves a challenging yet beautiful cut. This ring is closer to a set of infinity mirrors, drawing the eye further in with each glance. The simple off-white border helps showcase the jewel and keep you staring. It also adds depth to the central gem and gives the illusion of a larger, more dynamic size.

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Put Magic into Your Pendants

Moonstones look especially beautiful in the kite shape, as creator Jennifer Dawson will attest. She likes to celebrate the gem itself without a lot of fuss, so she keeps it simple yet stunning with a straightforward design.

The moonstone has magical properties and helps us connect with those in our lives on a deeper level. Wear your new kite-shaped moonstone pendant with everything to help you look and feel great. Gaze into it and take a deep breath. The pearly white stone is full of pink, blue and yellow flashes if you look for them. Let the stone’s magical vibrations keep you dreaming as you face the world armed with your new pendant.

Another wonderful way to show off a beautiful stone is to give it a moment to hang in the air. Designer HarikaNYC knows the importance of letting a gem breathe or in the case of the kite shape, even letting it float in an airy setting. This design takes two kite shapes — one a frame of small diamonds and the second a smaller purple amethyst — then places one inside the other. The use of negative space between the two takes the design to a new level. The look speaks to future fashion trends and technology.

Dangle a Bangle from Your Ears

Thanks to the aerodynamic shape, the kite cut lends itself to two kinds of earrings — dangly and statement. Yes, they look beautiful as studs, but why buy a kite if all you want to do is hang it on the wall? Let that beauty take flight. You’ll want to keep the narrow end of your kite pointing down and balance out the wider side with a slim, elegant chain. Let it all hang from a stud and border your focal gem with metal or small, complimentary stones.

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Of course, you don’t have to keep it so simple. Realm of Jewelry puts some pearls into the mix, pairing them with the gem and the stud so that the focal gem can really become lush. Notice how the extra touches don’t make the design heavy or clunky. The point here is to keep your look light as air yet elegant and finished. It’s worth the extra time in your shop.

Want to take it in a different direction altogether? Take a note from Theresa Kaz Jewelry and decorate your lobes like a royal. Kaz apparently went on a gem bender and grabbed a ton of kite-cut Columbian emeralds to surround these round, blue gems with a bold, expressive frame. Here you can see how the kite cut helps her pieces stand out, celebrate her artistic vision and complement nearby stones. Yes, these earrings are on the louder side, but we all have days when we want to shout or be noticed. The lovely combination of blue and green adds a touch of wonder to the design and helps them stay light and look expensive.

Treat your buyers and subscribers this summer with a flight of kite-shaped gems in your new works. They’ll thank you for them all year long.