Otherwise known as the prosperity or energy stone, solar quartz stones are loved for their range of colors — from vibrant tones to colorless, white or gray, there’s something to suit every personality.

Formed in limestone caves, solar quartz is a stalactite formation that is found in a number of locations around the world, yet it is chiefly located in Africa and Brazil. The stones might be sliced into discs or excavated into bead shapes for you to wear, but its shape will be determined by the way it appeared when it was extracted — it is likely that your stone will be formed to the same shape that it was first found in.

You are looking at the cross-section of a stalactite when gazing at a solar quartz stone. That’s why you will often spot mossy inclusions or minerals from the formation of the quartz stalactite. As well as this, quartz is known for its asymmetry that brings a unique quality to each stone.

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Because solar quartz naturally varies in color from clear to opaque, the vibrant colors you see in finished products have been dyed, altering the natural hue of the stone. To observe the true beauty of the stones, the natural colors highlight the mossy or mineral centers by drawing the eye to the vibrancy of the color formation within each stone.

Solar quartz stones, like many others, are believed to have healing properties that make them quite beloved across the globe. Here we have compiled five qualities that make the solar quartz stone unique:

    1. It is an energy enhancer.

Much like all quartz, solar quartz is an energy enhancer. It unites spirit and harmony. Solar quartz generates abundant power and energy to produce emotional strength that uplifts the soul. The gemstone enhances the energy flow in the wearer’s body, restoring balance and harmony. It is also said to drive away both stress and worry by filling the body with positive energy.

    1. It is a multi-purpose stone.

Solar quartz is the perfect stone to pair with other stones because of its flexibility. While it is associated with the crown chakra, it harmonizes well in combination with other body chakras. It will align its energy with yours.

For this reason, it is one of the most flexible therapeutic stones, as it not only increases power, but it also transports energy into healing by enhancing the amount of natural crystals within the body, advancing the speed of recovery.

    1. It is a protective stone.

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Given the natural healing properties of solar quartz, the stones can be seen as protective of our bodies and minds. It connects the spirit to inner harmony, thus providing precision and strength. This gemstone helps to link your body and mind, re-balancing you and drawing you to your center. Because of this power, solar quartz is often used as a treatment for migraines and vertigo.

    1. It helps you to let go.

As this gemstone generates emotional strength to uplift your body and mind, it thereby dissolves negativity from your life. As a result, solar quartz can dispel harmful and destructive behavior patterns that are entrenched. The stones can additionally help you release ideas that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

Consequently, the stone aids regeneration in your life, which can bring about success as the crystals clarify your purpose. By helping you let go of things that are holding you back, the stone produces hope, faith and clarity.

    1. It aids clarity.

As solar quartz shields your aura from negativity by dispelling it, the gemstone can generate a force field of ions that heal the harmful effects of negative ions and restore your surroundings to full health and positivity.

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When meditating with these crystals, you will benefit from a steadier focus as they filter out all distractions from your mind and leave you purified. In addition to this, solar quartz aids the feeling of connection of body and mind, bringing them into a state of unity ready for deep, meaningful mediation.

A solar quartz stone might not be right for you, so you should make sure you fully research its energies before investing in one. If you make the decision to choose a solar quartz stone, it is best to carry it around with you all day to ensure high levels of energy. This way, it is always within reach to uplift you in those moments where you most need it.

June 09, 2018 — Arun Yadav
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