Jewelry Measurements: Millimeters to Inches Conversion Chart

jewelry measurements conversion chart

If you are new to the world of jewelry-making, understanding measurements isn’t always easy. While we most often use standard measurements here in the United States, various jewelry-making supplies, such as beads, are measured using the metric system. At the same time, though, things like metal necklace chain lengths can be measured using either the metric or standard system. Some sellers may sell lengths of chain by the centimeter or by the inch. This can, of course, make it difficult for one to fully understand jewelry measurements.

There are also standard measurements for things like necklaces. While they come in many different lengths, certain styles tend to fall within certain ranges. Knowing what those ranges are makes it easier for you to correctly label your products and advertise them to potential buyers. 

At Beads of Cambay, we understand that figuring out jewelry measurements can be difficult. We hope that this post will serve as a valuable resource that will help you in your jewelry-making endeavors. Keep reading to discover a helpful millimeters to inches conversion chart and other useful information. 


Jewelry Measurement Chart

When measurements for beads or other jewelry-making supplies are listed in millimeters, use this chart to gain a better understanding of how large the product is in inches. For items that are larger than 25 mm, you can convert to inches using a conversion calculator.