When it comes to making jewelry and other crafting projects, gold and silver are the most common chain options. Copper, however, is another beautiful and versatile option. Copper chain comes in a wide range of styles and sizes, and it can be used in a wide range of projects. Whether you are designing vintage-looking jewelry, working on creating a uniquely modern one-of-a-kind piece or thinking about making an interesting decoration for your home, copper chain could be exactly what you need. Keep reading to discover a few creative ways to use a copper chain.

copper chain with lobster clasp

Make Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Designs

Copper has an antique look that makes it perfect for creating vintage-inspired jewelry. Whether you are making a necklace, bracelet or even a pair of dramatic earrings, pair copper chain with neutral-colored beads like moonstone or rutilated quartz for a stunning look. Olive quartz beads are lovely when paired with copper, too.

Over time, copper takes on a natural patina that makes it even better for creating vintage-inspired pieces. Whether you are making fashion jewelry or heirloom-quality necklaces, earrings or bracelets, copper chain is a great way to make new pieces that look vintage.


Create Modern Masterpieces

Copper isn’t just for creating vintage jewelry. It’s great for making modern masterpieces, too. When paired with bright colors, copper chain accents all sorts of modern looks. To create an elegant piece of jewelry, mix copper with morganite beads or rose quartz. If you want to make a bold, eye-catching piece, use semi-precious gemstones like peridot or turquoise. Fluorite is a great option, too.


Design Dazzling Purse Straps

Copper chain can be used for much more than making jewelry. Chain with larger links is a perfect material for crafting fashionable purse straps. Whether you are giving an existing purse a bit of a facelift or you are making a new purse from start to finish, straps made from copper chain are an eye-catching addition.

You can also attach a long length of chain to a clutch or a large wallet to transform it into an elegant purse. Shorter lengths of chain work well for creating handbags. Whether you want to make an accessory for an elegant night on the town or you’re working on something a bit more casual, using copper chain is a great option.

a japanese rain chain or kusari-doi

Make a Rain Chain

If you want to make something for your home that is both unique and functional, make a copper rain chain. Rain chains originated in Asia, and they act as alternatives to downspouts. They break up the flow of water and direct it away from your house.

If you have copper chain with large links, you already have what you need for a rain chain. All you need is a way of hanging it up. Take down your old downspout and thread the top link of the chain into the resulting opening in your gutter. Then, insert a straight rod through the link across the gutter. This will keep the chain in place. All that’s left to do now is wait for it to rain.


Craft a Hanging Planter

Copper chain can be used to make a hanging planter, too. All you need is chain, metal bowls, quick links, metal drill bits, screw hooks and pliers. Start by drilling three holes in the top of your metal bowl. They should be evenly spaced and placed about half an inch from the top edge of the bowl. Use your quick links to attach three lengths of chain to the bowl. You can make the chain any length you like. Attach the other end of all three chains to a screw hook. Screw the hook into your ceiling and you have a unique hanging planter.

copper chain with decorative pendants


Copper chain is commonly used in jewelry-making, but that isn’t the only potential use. Whether you use it to make modern or vintage-inspired jewelry or you decide to craft something for your home, copper chain is a versatile material that can be used in virtually any project.

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July 25, 2019 — Arun Yadav
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