Sacred geometry is the foundation for everything in our universe, including and especially gemstones. All things in nature, made by the divine, are based in mathematics. Evidence of this can be found in the Fibonacci spirals, golden mean proportions, and crystal structures, to name a few.



Magic is merely science unexplained. Throughout ancient history, natural phenomena which are easily explained by scientific facts today were once attributed to acts of the gods or simply magic. When science could not explain the cause of something, people looked to religion for comfort and answers. Alchemy, thought to be a magical process in which substances were transformed or created through combining them, was considered a powerful form of magic. This became the basis for what we know today as chemistry.


Gemstone or crystal magic may appear as crazy as alchemy was to skeptics a hundred years ago; however in 20, 30, or 100 years in the future, people will look back and chuckle, just as we do today, knowing that crystal magic is every bit as real science as the alchemical process of aqua vitae, or the making of wine and other distilled spirits. No matter what pagan path you follow – Wicca, Heathen, Celtic, Chaotic or Eclectic – you will find gemstone magic to be a very useful tool.


Gemstones are a very powerful instrument, created directly from the Mother Earth in the earliest days of the formation of our planet. Each crystal contains its own individual lattice structure, and has the lowest amount of entropy, meaning lowest measurable amount of disorder and unpredictability.




What is unique about crystals and gemstones is their ability to receive, store, and emit energy. They are literally natural conductors, and because their makeup is so perfectly structured, they act as a purifier. Still a skeptic? You are probably reading this on your LCD screen … Liquid CRYSTAL Display.


The ability gemstones and crystals have to contain energy, or magic, can help anyone increase their power exponentially in rituals and everyday life. To know with certain confidence which is needed for any type of energy work, you need the knowledge of how it works to back it up. Also, while crystals can be found and harvested directly from the earth in just about any country in the world, it is sometimes easier and more convenient to purchase them.


Be cautious and find reputable sellers, as there are many synthetic versions of gemstones and crystals. While they may be just as beautiful to look at, crystals that are created by the hands of men are not ideal for energy work. The process used to create synthetic crystals is a mechanical process completely devoid of natural energy. While they are useful for decorative purposes, they do not have a place in magic.


Crystals have an amazing set of qualities not found anywhere else in nature, and they work in perfect harmony with the human mind. As we make choices, crystals target power into those choices; while we seek spiritual growth and enlightenment, gemstones enable change. Stones bring balance and harmony where there is discord. Crystals have the capability of gathering, storing, projecting, and directing energy. With proper use and care, crystals are one of the most powerful tools in your magical workshop.


Ever have that weird, creepy feeling you can’t explain? That would be your senses picking up on negative energy vibes from a natural energy vortex. Gemstones have the capability to center you and neutralize the negative feeling. There are so many benefits and uses for crystals, and science is beginning to uncover and verify even more.




Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned experienced practitioner of the art of magic, you will benefit from using gemstones in your everyday life. Energy exists within every living thing on the planet, and, even if you have never practiced harnessing your inner energy, you have the potential within you. We all have it. A small piece of the divine resides in all of us, and our souls are merely energy. We emit, change, retain, and transform the energy within in accordance with our thoughts and actions.

When we act with intent, the energy within us directs our purpose to the universe. Our thoughts permeate our power and radiate in our aura. An aura, by definition, is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. If our aura is yellow or golden, we are radiating happiness and peace. When we work with gemstones, we imprint our energy on them. Depending on our intent and feeling, our aura color will denote what kind of energy is being transmitted into the crystal.


It brings to mind a quote which succinctly sums the transference of energy from the mind into reality:


“All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination.” Barbara Grizzuti Harrison


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