10 Unique Ways to Use Pink Gold Beads

Pink gold – more commonly known as rose gold – has recently become a popular metal color thanks to lush warm tones. Rose gold actually first became popular in the United States in the 1920s. It is an understated hue, yet it makes everything look more luxurious in appearance. While rose gold is commonly found in jewelry, you can also find this color on handbags and even smartphones.



This gorgeous color comes from a combination of gold alloy and copper. It’s predicted that this color is here to stay for quite some time, thanks to its beauty and versatility. Plus, it’s a lovely color to wear with just about any outfit. The soft, warm hues of this feminine gold make it a go-to color for women of all skin types. If you’ve never experienced how it looks and feels to wear a rose gold ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings, you’re overdue for a jewelry makeover.


If you’re a jewelry maker, you’ll definitely want to try out this trendy color for your next creation. There are many types of pink gold beads to help liven up an older piece of jewelry and make it more modern. Looking for ideas to turn rose gold beads into a versatile, trendy piece?


Here are 10 ways to use your beads.


    1. Naked jewelry-themed bracelet: Sometimes with jewelry, less is more. That’s the premise behind the naked jewelry trend. You can create a stunning bracelet with a simple chain and a couple of well-placed beads throughout. Just purchase a rose gold chain and a few rose gold beads – you need no more than 7-8 – and you have everything you need to complete this piece. You can substitute a yellow gold chain for a gorgeous effect.

    1. Solitaire necklace: Again, in the jewelry world, less can be more. A simple silver chain with one rose gold bead is an understated piece that can be worn with virtually any outfit, from t-shirt and jeans to a stunning formal gown.

    1. Fun, flirty bracelet: Rose gold may seem like an elegant and romantic color, but you can have some fun with it. Grab some cord in your favorite color and add a fun rose-colored bead such as a flower, animal, or even an emoji.

    1. Rose gold and pearl bracelet: Rose gold goes great with pearls. A rose gold chain adorned with several rose gold beads and pearls makes a stunning bracelet. Just don’t go overboard with the beads – you just need three of each to pull off this elegant jewelry piece.


    1. Origami earrings: This piece may require some more advanced jewelry making skills. With some triangle-shaped gold pieces and rose gold beads – and perhaps some wire or craft glue – you can create origami-like earrings. Bird shapes are common, but you can rearrange the triangles however you like and make these your own.

    1. Rose gold and diamond ring: Rose gold beads go well with a variety of other materials, including diamonds. With some wire-wrapping skills, along with some rose gold and diamond beads, you can create a gorgeous ring worthy of the red carpet.

    1. Phone case: Rose gold is a popular color for smartphones nowadays, but, if you opted for a different color, don’t despair. You can create your own phone case with some rose gold beads, a blank phone case, craft glue, and needle and thread. Follow this tutorial and you’ll have a trendy phone case customized to suit your taste.

    1. Headband: Accessorize your hair with a trendy headband. Buy a headband in your favorite color and glue on some rose gold beads for a trendy look.

    1. Hair beads: Wearing beads in your hair is a popular style. Floss some rose gold beads into your hair, and you’ll instantly be on trend.

    1. Ornament: Now that Christmas is here, give your tree some style with a beaded ornament. The sky’s the limit – create the ornament out of whatever materials you like, glue on or string some rose gold beads, and you’ll have the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood.


Rose gold can be used in combination with lighter or darker colors. It can also be paired with pearls, crystals, gemstone beads, and much more. Rose gold beads offer a lot of versatility. Buy some of these coveted beads for your collection and open the door to infinite jewelry making possibilities.