Everything You Need to Know About Amazonite Beads

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Amazonite is a breathtakingly beautiful and quite amazing gemstone. It is a type of microcline, which belongs to the group of minerals known as feldspar. It forms either in masses or in tabular crystals, and while feldspar is one of the most common mineral types in the world, very few varieties are gemstone quality.

Ranging in color from milky green to turquoise, Amazonite is a unique-looking stone that is perfect for jewelry-making. This stone also has an interesting history and incredible metaphysical and healing properties.


What Is Amazonite?

Amazonite is mostly opaque and typically features milky cloudiness or streaks ranging in color from light green to deep blue/green. The gem itself is light blue-green in color, though the exact shade can vary significantly due to the presence of lead within the stone. It is similar in appearance to jadeite and nephrite, but its grid-like, mottled pattern makes it distinctive. Amazonite crystals can be some of the largest known crystals of any mineral, and they have been confused with jade and turquoise many times throughout the ages. It has a score of 6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, meaning it is a relatively hard stone that is not easily scratched.


History of Amazonite Crystals

Also known as the Amazon stone, Amazonite got its name because it was thought to have been discovered in Brazil at the Amazon River Basin. While present in other parts of Brazil, however, there are no deposits at the Amazon River Basin. The stone is also found in Australia, Madagascar and the United States. There are legends of Amazon warrior women using Amazonite crystals to decorate their shields and to heal wounds and cure illnesses.

The ancient Egyptians prized Amazonite crystals and used them to adorn jewelry and ornamental pieces. They also carved important texts, including a chapter from the Book of the Dead, into slabs of the beautiful stone. A scarab ring carved from Amazonite was discovered with the treasures sealed in Tutankhamen’s tomb. Amazonite beads have been used in jewelry-making for centuries.


Amazonite Meaning

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While Amazonite has been prized for centuries for its beauty, people are also drawn to it for its metaphysical properties. These stones are believed to have incredible healing abilities, and they are associated with luck, money and overall success. Colloquially known as the “gambler’s stone,” it is said to encourage fortune and good luck.

It is also known as the “stone of courage” and the “stone of truth” as it gives one the power to search within oneself to discover their own truth and to move beyond fear to live in alignment with those truths. It enables one to express their thoughts and establish clear boundaries both internally and externally.

Amazonite is a powerful metaphysical healer that is capable of soothing the chakras. It is especially helpful for aligning the throat and heart chakras and can enhance all levels of communication. It balances masculine and feminine energies and enhances compassion for other people by allowing one to see and understand different points of view.


Uses for Amazonite

Amazonite has been used in jewelry and to adorn things since the beginning of time. It is used to help improve communication and to resolve internal conflicts. It is also worn to bring luck to the wearer. It can help one overcome loneliness and has been known to improve happiness in marriages.

At work, Amazonite can be used to dispel aggravation and negative energy. It protects against unfair business practices and, as a stone of prosperity, can help attract new customers. It also blocks geopathic stress when placed near computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.

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In modern times, Amazonite beads are popular for jewelry-making. This unique gemstone comes in a range of shapes and colors and can be used to make rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. While it is a semi-precious stone that has been prized for centuries, it is a relatively affordable gemstone that is appropriate for all types of projects. People also carry rough and tumbled Amazonite crystals with them as talismans, good luck charms or protective stones.



Whether you like Amazonite for its metaphysical properties or you just love the way it looks, this semi-precious gemstone is perfect for your next jewelry-making project. At Beads of Cambay, we carry a wide assortment of captivatingly beautiful Amazonite beads that are perfectly suited to any project.