10 Gemstone Colors and What They Say About You

gemstone colors and what they say about you

Without color, the world in which we live would be a pretty boring place. It’s difficult to even imagine never seeing a clear blue sky, vibrant orange, yellow and red leaves, crisp green grass or beautiful pink and purple flowers. Colors are all around us, and though we don’t all perceive them in the exact same way, we all know that they are there and are a part of our world. 

Color is even a huge part of what has drawn humans to precious and semi-precious gemstones since the dawn of time. From glimmering blue sapphires and rich red rubies to mesmerizing green emeralds and cool yellow citrine, gemstones form in every color imaginable. There are even several that exhibit multiple hues within a single stone. 

The gemstones you choose to adorn yourself with say much more than what your favorite colors are. Sure, you may be drawn to sapphire or lapis lazuli because blue is your favorite color, but you could also be drawn to the color on a subconscious level. Color psychology has been studied in-depth, and it has been proven that different colors affect humans in different ways. Blue, for example, is well-known as a soothing color. If you find yourself reaching for your favorite blue jewels, you could be feeling stressed out and in need of some calming or relaxation. 

While your favorite gemstones will likely always catch your eye in an instant, you can take it a step further by choosing stones based on how their colors could impact you or based on their symbolic meanings. Keep reading to learn more about gemstone colors, what they mean and what they say about you. 

assorted rainbow of gemstone beads


While black is technically the absence of color, it is a popular “color” choice for gemstones. Symbolically, it is known as the color of balance, stability, power and authority. It is also believed that black jewelry can protect the wearer or give them strength. In many cultures (including our own), however, it is also commonly associated with death, evil and sadness.  

If you love the look of black gemstones, a few of the most popular options include tourmaline, onyx, obsidian and jet. There are also black pearls, diamonds and agate. 



Throughout the ages, white has been linked to purity and innocence. It is also known as the color of kindness and is said to bring illumination to many situations. Because white is made up of all of the other colors in the visible spectrum, it is believed to carry their symbolic and metaphysical properties, too. 

In the world of gemstones, white stones are often those that are clear, such as diamonds and crystal quartz. Other options include white pearls, selenite, white howlite and rainbow moonstone. 



When you think about the color blue, your mind probably travels to a clear blue sky or beautiful ocean waves. This calming hue symbolizes peace and tranquility. It symbolizes trust, honesty, loyalty and sincerity. The color blue is also believed to enhance communication. For this reason, it is often used to open and heal the throat chakra to improve one’s ability to communicate openly and honestly. 

blue gemstones graphic

Blue sapphire is one of the most recognizable blue gemstones, but it certainly is not the only one. Other options include blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, blue kyanite, tanzanite, topaz, zircon and iolite. 



Red is a powerful color that represents strength, courage, passion, love, confidence, energy and action. Because it is the color of blood, it is also closely associated with life and vitality. In many cultures, red is used to warn of danger, too. 

Linked to the root chakra, red is believed to energize the body and bring passion into one’s life. It is even said to increase one’s attractiveness to others and improve sexuality. 

Rubies are often the first gemstones to come to mind when one thinks of the color red. Garnet is another great option, though, and is a more affordable option since it is a semi-precious stone rather than a precious gemstone. 



amethyst beads closeup

Purple has been thought of as the color of royalty for thousands of years. It is also associated with spirituality and religion as well as, ironically, magic and mystery. Because it is made by combining red and blue, it is the perfect combination of these two colors and carries the properties of both. It has the power of red and the tranquility of blue, and it is perfectly balanced to allow the powerful attributes of each to show through. 

The color purple is linked to the third eye and crown chakras and is believed to strengthen wisdom and intuition. It is also said to increase mental capacity and help one form connections with the divine. It is also regarded as a protective color. 

Amethyst comes in many shades of purple and was once even more valuable than diamonds. It remains a popular gemstone today and is the birthstone for those born in February. Other stunning purple gemstones include lepidolite, charoite and some varieties of fluorite. 



Pink has many of the same characteristics as red but is more subtle. It represents affection, love and beauty. It has a very feminine energy and is often used to heal and strengthen the heart chakra, which can improve relationships of all types. 

The color pink is also said to bring hope and comfort during difficult times and to assist during the grieving process. It is also believed to soothe the nerves. While it is often associated with romantic love, pink is linked with familial love and the love that exists in platonic friendships, too. 

pink gemstones graphic

Rose quartz beads are a popular option for anyone who is searching for pink beads for jewelry-making. Other pink gemstones include rhodonite, morganite, pink quartz and kunzite. Some forms of tourmaline are pink, too. 



Orange is a powerful color that is also linked with joy and enthusiasm. When worn as jewelry, it is said to bring strength to the wearer. It is also a must-have gemstone for anyone who is searching for increased energy. 

While it is a relatively uncommon color in the natural world, there are a few gemstones that display brilliant orange hues. Carnelian is one of the most common orange gemstones and is available in various shades. It is said to boost confidence and improve focus. It is even said to enhance self-expression and performance and is worn or carried by many performers. 

If carnelian doesn’t quite fit what you are searching for, other orange gemstones include orange calcite, fire opal, goldstone and sunstone. 



Yellow is another bright, optimistic color that is associated with joy and happiness. It is also linked to new beginnings, hope, sunshine, positivity and clarity. It is said to boost creativity and intellect while enhancing self-expression. 

Wearing yellow is also believed to increase energy levels and boost concentration. It improves communication and can give the wearer much-needed clarity when making difficult and important decisions. Because yellow is a bright, cheerful color, it is also said to chase away depression and instill a sense of happiness. 

Yellow gemstones are believed to carry the energy and warmth of the sun, so it should come as no surprise that they are incredibly popular. There are many different yellow gems to choose from, including amber, citrine, topaz, quartz, agate and beryl.  



Green is associated with growth, renewal, luck and prosperity. It is also said to enhance creativity and balance one’s heart and emotions to promote love for other people and for nature. 

green gemstones graphic

In our society, the color green is closely associated with money. For this reason, it is linked to wealth, good fortune and prosperity. It also has very positive connotations because it is commonly used to symbolize “Go.”

When you are in the market for green gemstone beads, emerald is the most obvious option. It isn’t the only one, however. Other green gems include peridot, jade and prehnite. 



Brown isn’t one of the most vibrant or common choices when it comes to gemstones, but it is a unique option. It represents warmth, stability and confidence and is closely associated with nature. In crystal healing, brown gemstones are commonly used for grounding purposes and to help one form stronger connections with the earth. Brown stones carry a wide range of metaphysical properties, too. Brown tiger eye is believed to ease fear and anxiety and protect the wearer against negativity and curses, for example. 

Brown gemstones are not as common as gemstones in many other colors, but there are still a few options. If you would like to create jewelry using brown beads, look for tiger eye, picture jasper, smoky quartz or bronzite. 


Choosing the Right Gemstones 

When you are shopping for gemstone beads, there are seemingly countless options to choose from. Deciding which color (or colors) you would like to use is a good place to start. Using the information above, you can choose gemstone beads that are beautiful and have a positive effect on your well-being. You might want to consider the best gemstones for your skin tone, too. 

rose quartz gemstone jewelry

If you would like to invest in just one type of stone and have access to a wide range of different colors, you have a couple of options. If you would like to go the traditional semi-precious gemstone route, try tourmaline. Tourmaline forms in more colors than any other gemstone in the world. It’s also relatively affordable, though some colors are more costly than others. 

Freshwater pearls are another option. Freshwater pearl colors range from white and black to pink, blue, yellow and nearly any other color you can imagine. Each pearl is completely unique, too, so using them is a great way to design one-of-kind creations that you will love showing off. 

When it comes to different gemstone cuts and shapes, choose the ones that appeal to you most. There is no “wrong” option. If you are looking to save yourself some money, rough cuts tend to be the most affordable option. Tumbled gemstone beads are relatively affordable, too–especially when compared to the price of faceted gems. 



Designing jewelry is about more than selecting colors that look pretty. While you can, of course, stick to your favorite stones based solely on aesthetics, taking the time to learn a bit more about why you might be drawn to certain colors and how they can affect you can help you accessorize in a more meaningful way. 

assortment colorful gemstones

While certain gemstones–such as diamonds–have always been seen as symbols of wealth, the stones you choose to adorn yourself with can say so much more about you than how much money you have in your bank account. Red gemstones can show that you are a powerful person, and pink ones can show your loving, compassionate side. Vibrant yellow gemstones will let the world see your happiness, and green ones may show your nature-loving side. Even if people don’t know these things about you, they may be able to perceive them on a subconscious level simply based on the colors of gemstones that you are wearing. How amazing is that? 

At Beads of Cambay, we believe that gemstone beads are more than just beautiful, and we have what you need to take your projects to the next level. Check out our full selection today, and don’t forget to browse our blogs for more helpful tips and advice!