Why We Love Green Onyx

Since prehistoric times, many people have used green onyx for traditional cultural and spiritual activities. Onyx’s birth begins with the legend of Eros, the Greek God of sexuality, who is sometimes depicted as Cupid. The story says Eros clipped his fingernails and let them fall to the ground, where they were turned into onyx by other gods since nothing on the heavenly body dies.

Another version of the story says that Cupid cut Venus’s fingernails while she slept, and they turned to onyx. So, it’s no surprise the word onyx is derivative of the Greek word “onux,” meaning fingernail.

Onyx’s smooth, lustrous qualities make it a favorite for bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. It is known to possess a variety of unique properties and characteristics. Many people believe that wearing green onyx boosts confidence and attracts positive energy. Let’s dive into more reasons why we love green onyx.

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Historical References

These ancient stones were highly prized for burials and ceremonies, shields and armor, magical and scrying work, and as amulets affixed to swords. Onyx is mentioned in various sacred texts and historical documents, and it was the first precious stone mentioned in the Bible.

Some cultures feared onyx—most specifically, black onyx—and believed it to make people difficult and angry. People swore it broke up all good relationships. So, green and black onyx represent very different things.

Onyx, and its similar form sardonyx, were used as long as 4,000 years ago for stone inlay, jewelry, and sandstone carvings. Cultures treasured onyx for use in cameo-engraved gems and intaglio seals.


Scientific and Physical Properties

With a triangular crystal structure, onyx is a member of the chalcedony quartz family and has a hardness level of 7. The stone’s chemical formula is SiO2. Mined in places like California, Brazil, Uruguay, and India, onyx has a smooth and very fine texture.

Usually, onyx is found naturally in rich brown, white, or deep black and, occasionally, has wavy white bands. Green onyx often refers to chalcedony and is dyed green for aesthetic reasons, but it also may apply to agate, as it’s banded with white and light green.


Magical Properties

Many believe that green onyx provides spiritual encouragement and brings good fortune. This mysterious stone’s connections to magic lore since ancient times makes it even more mystifying.

Some believe onyx represents a manifested demon imprisoned in stone a long time ago. Awakened at night, the demon terrifies people in range of its influence. The idea of an imprisoned demon applies more to black onyx. Also, unlike green onyx, black onyx often represents energy loss, bad dreams, and misfortune.

Onyx protects against anyone focusing negative thoughts toward you or using black magic against you. It’s used in spiritual rituals, too. Onyx is often associated with the planet Mercury.

This gemstone also aids psychic contact with the dead, brings messages from them, and facilitates séances. Onyx also helps between-life, past-life, and future-life progression techniques. It removes and prevents spirit possessions.

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Physical Healing Properties

A great way to get rid of negative perceptivity, onyx enables you to move on from grief, depression, and sorrow. It also improves your self-confidence. The green onyx promotes physical healing like ulcers, cell damage, hearing problems, heart trouble, epilepsy, and glaucoma. It is also known to improve body structures like teeth, hair, feet, and bones.

This soothing stone also tends to increase your overall stamina and strength, and it is the symbol of purity and restfulness. It has the power to relieve your stress, worries, fears, and tensions. Wearing the stone in a necklace may restore mental focus.


Alternative Healing Properties

Onyx is believed to provide strong mental support and help to make wise decisions, and it gives a positive feeling. Onyx also relates to affection, friendship, and love, and it enhances sexuality and sensuality. It is known to ease sexual tension and resolve disputes in relationships. Holding an onyx stone in your hand soothes feelings of anxiety.

Most importantly, it opens the chakras, when balancing them, and brings them to a harmonious state. Green onyx associates with the heart chakra and bridges the gap between the lower three and the upper three chakras.

Gemstone therapy is an alternative medicine technique using gemstones to connect people to the universe’s energy that surrounds them. For centuries, worry stones and rosaries used onyx in them for its healing properties, though this method was never scientifically proven.

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The Enchanting Green Onyx

The colors and textures of gemstones make them fascinating, and the folklore and myths behind them are absolutely enchanting. The green onyx has been in high demand for centuries, for royal clothing, weapons, and talismans, among other things.

Gemstone therapy is a popular alternative to traditional medical treatment, and green onyx represents a powerful component of this therapy. Many say onyx has strong effects on mental and emotional health as well.

Green onyx is not only beautiful, it is useful in mental and physical healing. It is central to chakra balance and is used in spiritual and cultural practices all over the world. For these reasons, we love green onyx.