Why Choose Beads of Cambay?

Life in the Internet age is pretty rewarding. Not only do we have access to virtually anything we desire, but we have so many choices on how and from whom we acquire it. There are so many companies selling their wares online and in retail shops, and it can be easy to get lost in the noise. Yet, among the clatter of the online world, there are plenty of companies that want more than your business. They want to delight you, exceed all your expectations and create a lasting relationship. Beads of Cambay is one of those companies.

Established in 2001, Beads of Cambay is the premier distributor of jewelry-making beads and jewelry supplies. To maintain the highest industry standards, they manufacture and source gemstone beads of superlative quality directly from cutting centers all over the globe. Their beads are hand selected through the eyes of a well-educated and determined buyer and owner, Arun Yadav.



By traveling worldwide to gemstone markets, Beads of Cambay hand selects the best rough gem materials by consulting with trusted and experienced sources. Known as a reputable dealer, they design their collections of gemstones, pearls, metal beads, focal beads, and chains with attention to lasting beauty and superior quality.

Yadav adheres to quality standards for each detail, from the selection process through the manufacturing process that leads to the finished bead product. Beads of Cambay embraces their work with passion, making signature gemstone pieces and producing a custom line of bulk metal beads.

Trained in the family gemstone business for over 15 years, Yadav now travels the globe to hand-select the finest gemstones. Yadav has earned a level of respect from his industry peers based on his rare level of experience in sourcing and manufacturing beads. Through his expertise and knowledge of the bead market, Beads of Cambay is able to source the best available materials directly from trusted sources. Through this hands-on approach, they are able to offer quality gemstone beads to their clients at a reasonable price.

Yadav and his staff pride themselves on providing the best customer experience possible. Whether you are designing a unique piece or a multi-manufactured piece, their knowledgeable staff are available to help you select the right material for your project. Unlike many of their peers in the gemstone industry, they employ Graduate Gemologists to consult with clients about the quality of their gemstones and to assist in the selection process.

Backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Beads of Cambay forms lasting relationship with their clients. Customer service, knowledge, and gemstone quality keep them ahead in the beading market. Even though you can buy a gemstone from anyone, wouldn’t you prefer to buy it from a trusted company like Beads of Cambay? Once you see their high quality gemstones or experience their sincere customer service, you’ll return again and again.


Beads of Cambay: A Nod to a Rich Past

Beads of Cambay takes its name from the city of Cambay, located in the state of Gujarat in west-central India. Also known as Khambhat, the city lies at the head of the Gulf of Cambay, a town that spent its early years as a significant port city. Amidst a bustling trading center in the 15th century, Cambay exported materials like pearls, gold, silk, cotton, and silk. By 1900, the city’s main export was cotton and stones.

Since then, Cambay has become a hub for the textile industry and precious gemstones, including diamonds. Neighboring cities in the Gulf of Cambay also share rich histories of exporting coral, ivory, beads, textiles, and diamonds.

Like many coastal towns, the waterways surrounding Cambay provide an opportunity to trade and sell internationally. These cities are home to a substantial diamond-cutting industry. Surat, a city on the Gulf of Cambay, is considered a vital hub in the global diamond trade and was deemed the “Diamond City of India.”

Not only do Cambay and the surrounding cities take their beading and jewelry-making very seriously, but India as a country has a long history with beading and jewelry making. Bead art throughout the Middle East and Africa dates back to five thousand years ago.

Throughout the different eras, Indian artisans have been able to adapt their beads and jewelry to the contemporary tastes of that time. Currently the beading trend in India favors glass and semiprecious gemstones beads. Given their rich history, it’s little wonder why India continues to be so influential today for bead and gem enthusiasts.