Pearls are regal, timeless jewels that are often termed the "Queen of the Gemstones." They have an opulent, elegant, and sophisticated aura around them. Pearls are one of the oldest gemstones we have, and their history can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome, where they were usually regarded as a status symbol. Some knights were also known to carry these gemstones as an amulet with them to give them protection. 


This is the official gemstone of those born in June, and it symbolizes innocence, humility, peace, calm, opulence, grace, richness, and purity. They have also found a way to become a staple in most jewelry collections. 


Pearls have stood the test of time and are still very relevant, and they will remain so even generations later. Pearls will never go out of style.

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Let us dig a little deeper into where exactly these stunning jewels come from.

Where Do Pearls Come From?


Pearls are gemstones formed underwater. Saltwater, freshwater, natural, and cultured come later, but the water part is necessary. Water is essential to the formation of pearls. These cannot be formed on land or in labs.


Let us find out how these pearls are made. 

How Pearls Are Made?


In the world of jewels, pearls are the only jewels made by living organisms. They are usually formed in oceanic waters. However, this variety is extremely rare. 


When an irritant enters a mollusk and settles there, it starts to ooze out a mineral layer of calcium carbonate, which is known as "nacre." Over time, layers of nacre keep forming around the irritant inside the mollusk, and the result of this is a single pearl. 


This beautiful process has now been picked up by pearl farmers and is also used in freshwater bodies to cater to the rising demand for these stunning jewels. Almost everyone is interested in owning pearls, and humans have created ways to make them accessible. These are known as cultured pearls. 


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Another important thing to note is that cultured pearls can also be farmed in marine waters, but they, too, are on the expensive side. 

What Are The Different Types Of Pearls?


There are various types of pearls available on the market in different colors, shapes, sizes, and types. 


Natural pearls, which are mainly found in ocean waters, are extremely rare and are now usually found with collectors or in auctions. 


Cultured pearls dominate the market. And among these, the freshwater pearls are the most cost-efficient and accessible ones. The ones farmed in marine waters, such as akoya and South Sea pearls, are more expensive and rare. 


The process of natural and cultured pearl formation is pretty much the same, except that the latter requires human intervention and is made in more controlled environments. 


When it comes to types of pearls there are so many different shapes and sizes such as large hole pearls, keshi, coin pearls, etc. 


When it comes to cultured marine pearls, there are three main types: South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian. Of these, the South Sea pearls are the most expensive, and the Akoya pearls are mostly farmed in Japan. However, even though these are cultured pearls because they are farmed in seawater, they are more expensive due to their rarity. 


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We also have coin freshwater pearls that are the most different. These are flat pearls, almost button-like. They are thin and crisp and absolutely stunning. They usually make young, beachy jewelry with bohemian vibes. It is definitely a piece you must own if you are looking for something young and stunning but elegant at the same time.


Also, did you know that when pearls are formed, they also have a by-product found in the lining of the oysters? This by-product is tiny and of an irregular shape. But such is the beauty of the pearl-making process that the by-product, keshi freshwater pearls, has its own category. And these each enjoy their own separate fan bases. 

How Are Pearls Formed?


Unlike other gemstones, which are discovered after being formed under the surface of the earth, pearls are the ones that come from the ocean. These pearls are made in the ocean. 

They are formed as a result of layers of nacre or calcium carbonate forming over the years around an irritant that enters the mollusk. This is the most natural process. And the only difference among cultured pearls is that there is human intervention involved and controlled environments with regard to the pearl farming process. 

How Are Pearls Harvested? 


Pearls are harvested in water. Earlier, marine water pearls were the only ones on the market, and their rarity is what made them and still does make them expensive. 


Now, with pearl farming, these gemstones have become more affordable and accessible. However, harvesting them is still not a very simple task. It requires time and a lot of patience. 


Also, another thing to remember is that harvesting pearls often results in the death of the mollusk, such as an oyster, as it is required to cut through and separate to get to the pearl. However, not everything goes to waste. The meat of the mollusk is either consumed by people or other animals when it is dropped back into the water. And if a live mollusk gets onto the land, the pearl farmers usually recycle it and cultivate the mother of pearl. 


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How Can I Tell If Pearls Are Real?


Pearls are a forever jewelry piece that will stay with you and be passed on for generations. It is a great heirloom to pass on to future generations. However, when you invest money in an item, it is best to know how genuine it is. 


To find out if your pearls are real, first of all, look for visual clues such as their luster, which is basically the light that is reflected off the surface. Good quality pearls usually have a clear, bright, and shiny luster when held up to the light. 


Another crazy way to check if the pearls are real or not is to use your teeth. Keep them between your teeth and gently rub them against them or bite them. If it has a gritty texture, that means it is real. You can also try rubbing two pearls together to check their authenticity. If it creates a bit of friction, then they are real. All of this is because of the nacre or calcium carbonate layers. 


You can also weigh the gemstones. If they are heavier, that means they are real, irrespective of their size. And lastly, check their temperature. If the pearls are just left to be, and when you wear them, they feel cold against your body, that is another indication that they are real jewels. 


These stunning jewels are also available in various colors on the Beads of Cambay website. Apart from the usual white, pink, purple, gold, red, etc., you can also opt for metallic shades like blue freshwater pearls or green, among others. 

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Meaning of Pearls By Color


Pearls come in various colors, such as white, gold, green, pink, red, purple, black, etc. And on the Beads of Cambay website, you will find all of these and more. However, each color also signifies something different. 


Like white pearls, which symbolize innocence, purity, peace, calm, humility, and blueness, Pink and red pearls symbolize love, peace, happiness, loyalty, and compassion. Whereas black ones symbolize independence, strength, allure, control, protection, resilience, and mystery. On the other hand, green freshwater pearls symbolize renewal, growth, nature, balance, and hope.


Gold can mean elegance, wealth, opulence, and prosperity, and purple can mean wisdom, nobility, artistry, passion, and complexity. 

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July 12, 2023 — Arun Yadav