What Should You Be Looking for in a Gemstone Bead Vendor?

For millions of people, jewelry making is so much more than just a fun way to pass the time. It’s an opportunity to make wearable art. It’s a chance for talented, creative individuals to finally express themselves and create accessories that are exactly what they’re looking for instead of settling for what’s available en masse in stores. Homemade jewelry can also be an excellent gift for a loved one or a sought-after product to sell independently. The possibilities are endless.

However, it’s important to remember that your jewelry will only be as good as the materials you use. Beautiful, one of a kind creations deserve the very best in high quality gemstone beads, clasps, metals, and more. Buying from the right gemstone bead vendor is a very important part of ensuring you use the right items. Here’s what to consider when making your choice.


Top Notch Reputation


The best way to gauge your potential experience with a given bead and jewelry supply vendor is to evaluate their overall reputation. Word gets around when it comes to experienced, worthwhile establishments. What are people saying about the vendor you’re considering? Were they happy with the selection available? How about the prices, the customer service, and the speed of delivery if ordering online?

When in doubt, contact a company representative and ask any questions you might have about the merchandise or the protocol for placing an order. Ask about testimonials, as well. The best vendors welcome the chance to tell you all about the benefits of doing business with them.


Plenty of Selection


When you’re making jewelry, the last thing you want is to be limited by a lackluster selection. Gemstones cover a lot more ground than the options you’re probably familiar with. In fact, there are more than 200 different kinds of stones currently on the market. Imagine how far you could take your creativity with access to a catalog with a wide enough range.

Vendors that offer their products for sale online are likely to have a superior selection to those offered by strictly brick and mortar establishments. Many will even offer custom orders as an option in the event you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in stock.


High Degree of Value


Value is about a lot more than low prices. Jewelry making supplies that reflect a good value also offer you a high degree of quality in exchange for your money. This is especially the case when it comes to items like gemstone beads.

A piece of jewelry made with gemstone beads is only as good as the beads you use. You want beads that are cut well, sourced responsibly, and which will add value to your creations with their clarity and beauty. Choose vendors that hand-select their wares and have high standards when it comes to the products they offer for sale.


Fantastic Customer Service


The best gemstone bead vendors will be as invested in making the purchasing process easy on their clientele as they will be in the product itself. In other words, you should feel like the company really values your business, and that the owners have a personal investment in what they’re doing.

The best vendors take great pride in their customer service. They make it easy for customers with questions to get in touch, and they delight in making the selection process rewarding and simple. Prioritize companies that offer customers satisfaction guarantees, access to loyalty programs, and the opportunity to place custom orders in the event they can’t find exactly what they had in mind.


Run by Experts


Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to choose a gemstone bead vendor that is run by seasoned industry experts. Even experienced jewelry makers may have questions about products or about various aspects of the jewelry making process itself. That said, don’t just settle for a company that sells fantastic products. The right vendor will also become a solid, reliable source of information, guidance, and assistance whenever you need it.

At Beads of Cambay, we’re all about offering our valued customers all of these essentials and more. Enjoy access to a vast, varied catalog populated by some of the most beautiful, exotic gemstone beads on the market today. Get assistance with your selection or advice about the fine details of your project from our experienced experts. Enjoy fast shipping and five-star customer service. Best of all, rest easy in the knowledge that the items you order are of the highest possible quality. Let us help you get started today!