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We don’t have to tell you that there is a lot of selection in the jewelry world. From plastic and glass beads to natural gemstones in various cuts, sizes, and colors, the options are virtually limitless. While just about everyone is familiar with cabochons, faceted beads, and other common products, there is one type of bead that still leaves many designers scratching their heads: druzy beads.

Also known as drusy, druse, or druise, druzy beads have a uniquely delicate and feminine appearance that makes them perfect as a focal point for necklaces, statement earrings, and other projects. But what exactly is a druzy bead? Keep reading to find out!


What Is a Druzy Bead?

Druzy beads are rocks or gemstones that have formed a coating of tiny crystals. The crystals are most commonly quartz, but they may be agate, amethyst, or another type of gemstone. They are a naturally occurring stone, and they can be turned into various types of beads.

Druzy happens when mineral deposits seep through cavities in a stone and crystalize on the surface of and within the stone. The crystals are extremely fine, and they give the stone a brilliant, sparkling appearance. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are just as many colors and types as there are gemstones.

Amethyst druzys are one particularly popular type for use in jewelry. While these stones have a high-end, expensive appearance, their prices are extremely reasonable. This price varies depending on the stone’s composition, size, and grade.


Druzy Stones Grading

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Like many other gemstones beads, druzy stones are graded. Not all druzy gemstones are the same, and grading makes it easier for buyers to determine whether a particular stone, bead, or pendant is well-suited to their needs. They are available in two grades: A and AA.

Grade A druzy stones have a coarse configuration of crystals. The crystals resemble sugar that has been spread thickly across the surface of the stone. There are typically fewer light-catching facets, and they are spread further apart than those found on grade AA stones. The facets are also more randomly oriented.

When viewed from the side, grade A druzy stones have a distinct topography. They look somewhat mountainous. This can make them more difficult to set, as the wall of a bezel needs to be secured against the stone’s edge.

Grade AA druzy stones feature crystals that are finer in texture. They are also packed more closely together. The texture is so fine that these stones sometimes have the appearance of coarse glitter. Their light-catching facets are smaller and closer together. This creates a more uniform orientation and appearance.

From the side, a grade AA druzy has a much more level topography. Rather than a mountainous appearance, it’s more like a rolling meadow with a few gradual rises and dips. This surface makes setting the stone much easier.


Uses of Druzy Beads

Because of their bold yet feminine appearance, druzy beads are commonly used when designing statement jewelry pieces. It is an inexpensive material to work with, yet it allows designers to create stunning pieces. They are fun and easy to work with, making them ideal for beginner and experienced jewelry makers alike.

Druzy stones come in a multitude of sizes and settings that make them appropriate for everything from large statement pendants to bracelets and earrings. No two stones are alike, though, so creating a matching set is impossible. Finding two stones that coordinate and look nice together, however, is half the fun when designing earrings or using multiple beads in a single piece. The one-of-a-kind nature of natural stones is one of the best parts of druzy beads.

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Like many other gemstones, many people choose to wear jewelry made from druzy beads for the stone’s metaphysical properties. As a type of crystal cluster, a druzy is suitable for spiritual workshops and group meditation. Druzy crystals have long been used to induce relaxation and creativity and to help with emotional problems. Their healing properties vary, depending on the gem the stone is made of, but druzy stones are generally believed to promote stress relief. Amethyst druzy beads, for example, are also believed to protect against negative energy.


Caring for Druzy Beads

Because druzy beads are made of natural gemstones, they need to be taken care of properly. Avoid dropping them or cleaning them using harsh chemicals, as both can damage the stone. Wipe clean using a soft, dry cloth. Remove druzy jewelry before swimming, showering, or bathing. You should also take care to avoid exposing the stone to beauty care products, cleaning chemicals, etc. Store your druzy beads in a safe place away from direct sunlight. With proper care, your druzy gemstones and jewelry will remain a sparkling beauty for years to come.
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