Tips and Tricks for DIY Jewelry Organizers


Since the advent of Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms, tips, tricks, and hacks cover our feeds for everything from cooking to fly fishing. This includes jewelry storage and displays, which are handy to have. No one likes to spend hours untangling chains, pendants and earrings. So, whether you are an owner of a small boutique or a jewelry maker, or wish to organize your own jewelry collection, we've found some really unique and fun ways to display your baubles. The wide variety of styles and functionality designs will appeal to all fashion tastes.

Choosing a Do-It-Yourself project will require a little investment of time and tools. For a business display, we recommend always choosing professional looking materials that match your brand and store's theme. If you are a jewelry maker looking to display your latest purchase of amethyst beads at your next show, you will want light, portable organizers for easy transporting.

All of these ideas we uncovered can be made for transporting, provided you affix them to something sturdy like plywood. This may make them a bit heavy, but part of a DIY project is to get creative! So use your imagination, and the options are endless.

Shower/Curtain Rod and Clips


The plethora of styles that shower and curtain rods come in these days is incredible and versatile. From elegant fleur de lis to flashy crystal balls, the ends of the rods are fashion statements all on their own. Add some fun hooks onto the rod, and bam! Jewelry holder extraordinaire! Check out the picture to the left and you will see how a simple curtain rod can keep your necklaces and bracelets organized.

Average cost of a curtain rod: $24.99

Average cost of hooks: $7.99

This is a great option for a store or at-home jewelry organizer.

Door Knob Display


This DIY idea is another great way to show off your own unique, personal style because of the versatile options available. Door knobs can range from $2-$15 each, depending on how fancy you wish to get. Another great idea is to find old door knobs at second hand stores or junk yards. This will save money, and can be an enjoyable project for you and your girlfriends. To make this funky display, find a piece of wood and stain it or paint it however you want and use a screw coming in from the back to affix the knobs to the wood.

Peg Board


This go-to material for garage organization can be used to hang your finest gems from because of the pre-drilled holes, adding a convenient step you don't have to do yourself.

Now, don't shun the idea because you envision the ugly, white unappealing look that you see in garages. Paint it, add a spunky pattern, and it becomes a display with your own fashion flair.

The image to the left shows you an example of a cool color pattern that can be used in stores, for shows, or at home.
Depending on the size and material, peg boards range in price from $10-25, on average.

Picture Frames and Chicken Wire


Before you knock the chicken wire, take a look at how a really beautiful picture frame can spruce up a jewelry display. Simply choose a picture frame that you love and, instead of putting in a picture, pick up some chicken wire at your local hardware store and cut it to size.

For added color, spray paint the wire with your favorite color. Because frames have somewhat flimsy clips to hold up something heavier than a picture, hot glue the edges of the wire to the frame for added security.

For an economical display, buy your frames at the dollar store and find used chicken wire at your local junkyard. Spray paint ranges from $4-12 a can, or find it for less by purchasing the mini cans.

Wood and Hook Rustic Style


This simple design beings a bit of rustic look to your home or shop. Simply purchase half eye hooks or cup hooks, and screw into lengths of 2x2 pieces of wood. Space them fairly close together to maximize your storage space. You can stain or paint the wood as you wish, and use dry wall nails to secure to your wall or the inside of your closet. In the image to the left, you will see two hooks on the top piece of wood with a small rod hanging across them. This serves as the perfect spot for your earrings.

Average cost of wood: $3-$5

Average cost of mug hooks: $1-3

Elegant Tree Branch


If you are looking for an homage to nature, with a touch of elegance, this idea will blow you away. It is one of the more inexpensive options, as well. Go out to your yard, or take in a nature walk, and find a branch that has a lot of twig shoot offs, making it the perfect place to hang your jewelry. Spray paint the branch if you wish.

For a cool look, use a silver or gold spray paint. Use an old container to hold the branch, like a pot or even a cup or mug. Stabilize the holder by filling it with stones, and place the branch inside it until it is secure. Hang your jewelry on this elegant organizer as a decorative piece in your bedroom or shop.


Added bonus: For an Asian flair, use a pruned bonsai tree for your jewelry.

Wooden Coat Hanger


Have some extra wood hangers just sitting in your closet? Put them to good use by screwing cup hooks into the bottom edge of them, spaced about a half to one inch apart. Use your extra hooks to hang the wood hangers from, and you have an instant jewelry organizer. You can hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from these neat looking displays.

Repurposed Cheese Grater


Perhaps one of our favorite, most portable displays is using an old cheese grater. Paint it your favorite color, and perhaps add a little pizzazz with decorative cup hooks for feet. While this particular organizer is only good for earrings, you can use it as a display anywhere, for minimal cost.

*Tip: Use a sander to dull the sharp edges of the grater. They can cause painful cuts, especially if it is a brand new cheese grater.

Thread Rack


Sometimes going into one store with an open mind can trigger the best DIY ideas. For example, this idea came from a trip to the Fabric Store, where thread racks can be purchased for as low as $9-10. Add a little paint, or keep the natural wood look, and use it for everything from rings to necklaces and bracelets.

Use this in combination with the cheese grater earring display, and you have two inexpensive ways to keep your jewelry out for show and organized. For more ideas on jewelry organization, check this article out.

Two Way Lace Display


If your tastes lean toward the Victorian style, then this lacey look is for you. Using an old mirror frame with elegant scroll work, lace was hung from either side, affixed with hot glue. You can purchase lengths of lace from any fabric store, and the mirror frame can be purchased at a Michael's or at other framing stores. It is an elegant look that will add class to any room, displaying your finest.

Be cautious of weightier pieces, as these will pull on the lace. You can reinforce the lace with floral wire or fishing line if you plan to use it with heavier necklaces.

Kitchen Hardware Mount


Organizing your jewelry and matching your kitchen cabinet hardware? How great is that?! Keeping decorative themes throughout your home can add a fluidity that is eye pleasing and can put to rest any level of OCD issues.

This mount is made very easily using a piece of plywood, which you can either paint or cover with fabric, and then attach hardware, using screws coming in from the back. You can repurpose old hardware or buy new; it is entirely up to you and your budget. Use cupped drawer handles to hold rings, and knobs for necklaces. The handles are perfect for earrings.



For jewelry makers, this is a perfect organizer to keep all your beads in – a fishing lure holder! You can find them very inexpensively, ranging from $2-6 each, depending upon size. Keep your beads organized by color, style, or whatever suits your organizational needs.

One really cool feature of using tackle boxes is they tend to have layers of trays in them for maximum space saving. They are lightweight and can be carried to shows or to a friend’s house!

Don't let organizing your beads or jewelry be a difficult task. Use these fun organizational ideas, or be inspired by them to come up with your own plan. Eliminate the hours of hunting for that favorite pair of earrings you only wear at Christmas, and enjoy your visually pleasing, fashionable jewelry display.