Think Outside the Jewelry Box: 5 Uses for Beads other than Jewelry

At Beads of Cambay, we pride ourselves on being a company that can inspire your creativity, and while that often means providing the tools and raw materials to make jewelry, that’s not the only thing you can do with beads! Read on for some offbeat uses for our products: May they inspire you to think beyond your jewelry box!

Wine Charms

While the strategy to create this useful craft is a lot like making jewelry, the end result adorns and decorates your wine glasses or champagne flutes instead of your body. Use these charms to complement a theme at a party, to add character to basic glassware, or to let guests distinguish their glasses from one another at a gathering.

Game Pieces

We all have a few board games in our home that are missing a piece here and there. It rarely bothers us, until we are a person short for a quick round. Some of our larger or more unique beads can serve as effective stand-ins for the original pieces. In fact, the board game Mancala can be constructed with beads and a series of small dishes or bowls. Consider incorporating beads into your next game night!

Frame Decorations

A dollar store photo frame can be quickly jazzed up with the help of a hot glue gun or mod podge, and beads of your choosing. Consider matching the beads you use to the frame itself or, if you’re enclosing a picture as a gift or part of a display, select beads that bring out the colors in the picture. Either way, it can provide a different outlet for your creativity that decorates your walls, instead of just you!

Ceiling Fan Chains

Want to add a little bit of flash to your ceiling fan or overhead light chains? Want to make them a little easier to find in the dark? Chunky or flashy beads can solve your troubles. These chains can generally be detached and reattached without trouble; be sure, however, that the beads you choose have holes big enough to be threaded on the chain.

Calorie Counters

If you’re looking for a more tactile way to track your calories, Emily Gems urges you to consider recruiting beads to your cause. Allowing them to represent certain numbers of calories (in a manner similar to an abacus), move beads from side to side as calories are consumed over the course of the day. When the beads run out, so have your allotted calories for the day!

In a house full of beads, you may be at a loss when searching for what to do with them all. Here’s hoping the suggestions above break you out of a rut, and even inspire new ideas for what to do with beads!

We love learning more about what you’re doing with our beads—leave your other ideas in the comments.