The Natural Beauty and Unique Features of Rutilated Quartz

Group of three Mineral quartz rocks

While many gemstones are most valuable when they contain few or no inclusions, rutilated quartz is actually prized because of its unique inclusions. This beautiful stone contains needle-like structures that create a metallic appearance, and it is affordable enough to use in a wide variety of jewelry making projects. What is rutilated quartz exactly, and how is it used? Keep reading to find out!


What Is Rutilated Quartz?

Rutilated quartz is a type of quartz with interior needle-like structures. The quartz is most often clear, but a rarer brown, smoky rutilated quartz is also available. The quartz typically contains golden-yellow inclusions of rutile in hair-like or needle-like growths. The inclusions may also, however, be blood red, reddish-brown or even black in color. Rutile is a type of titanium dioxide mineral that sometimes contains large quantities of iron oxide. Higher concentrations of iron oxide produce gold and red needles while stones with lower content may have rutile inclusions that are darker.

The inclusions can be sparse and thin, or they can be quite dense and thick. They sometimes run parallel to each other and sometimes are crisscrossed. Each rutilated quartz stone features a unique pattern of inclusions, so no two gems are exactly alike. Found in Madagascar, Spain, Russia and Brazil, the stone is prized for its unique appearance.


What Are Inclusions?

What are gemstone inclusions? In short, an inclusion is any material that becomes trapped inside another mineral when it forms. New inclusions are constantly being discovered, making it impossible to list all the options. Gemstone inclusions occur when one crystal is trapped inside another. Rutilated quartz is, of course, a common example, but just about any type of naturally occurring gemstone can have inclusions. In precious stones like diamonds, inclusions decrease value. However, the inclusions in rutilated quartz are what make the stone desirable.


Uses for Rutilated Quartz

A pile of rutiled quartz beads

While extremely desirable, rutilated quartz is a relatively affordable gemstone. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of jewelry making projects. Golden rutilated quartz beads are popular for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They also make beautiful and unique rings. Because of their low price, they are commonly cut into large gemstones. They may also be used as cabochons or carved into large ornamental spheres.

Like many crystals, rutilated quartz is prized for its perceived healing and spiritual powers. Because it contains two crystals, it is thought to combine the powers of both. It also is perceived as promoting harmony since the gem itself creates harmony between its two components. Clear quartz brings positive energy, and rutile can improve your awareness of the world. Together, they form a powerful psychic gemstone.

Rutilated quartz is thought to promote psychic ability and enhance psychic powers. It is particularly helpful in enhancing clairsentience — or clear thinking. While it won’t help you read minds or see visions, it can improve your ability to instinctively know things that others do not.

The stone is also highly energizing and can be used to ignite your passion during hard times or difficult projects. It can give you the strength and power to get through even the dullest, most seemingly pointless tasks, and it can help you work through mental and emotional hang-ups. It can help you see things you may not perceive otherwise and develop a greater understanding of your own psychological well-being and mental health. Rutilated quartz is also believed to relieve feelings of loneliness, anxiety and guilt.


How to Use Rutilated Quartz

Silver drop earrings with rutile quartz


You can carry rutilated quartz on your person or wear it as jewelry. If you are struggling to clarify your thoughts, try wearing a pair of rutilated quartz earrings. You can also place it in an area that is related to the problem you are trying to solve. If you are struggling to power through a soul-crushing project at work, for example, you may want to place it on your desk. When you are feeling really stuck on a particular problem, try sleeping with a piece of this gemstone under your pillow. You just may wake up with the perfect solution. It can also help you fall asleep quickly and enjoy pleasant dreams.



Rutilated quartz is a beautiful stone that is perfect for jewelry making. Whether you want to enjoy the powers of this incredible gemstone or you just like the way it looks, Beads of Cambay has rutilated quartz beads that you and your customers are sure to love.