The Expectant Parent's Guide to Birthstones


What Does Your Child's Birthstone Predict About Their Personality?



Pregnancy is a very special time for expectant mothers and fathers. The miraculous growth of an entirely new human being continues to mesmerize and evoke feelings of previously unknown depths. Filled with incredible joy and immense anticipation, parents count the weeks leading up to the birth of their little baby.

Apart from shopping for baby items and getting the nursery ready, many of us visualize our baby before the birth because we are full of impatience and curiosity. While you wonder whether you are going to have a boy or a girl, you also frequently ask yourself what kind of a personality your little one is going to have. Is he going to be funny, smart, artistic, or intellectual? Is she going to be a doctor, a ballet dancer, or a rocket scientist?

One way of doing so is by looking at astrological star signs; another is to look at the wisdom provided through birthstones. According to many, birthstones predict a child’s personality traits.


The Origins of Birthstones


Gemstones have featured throughout history, and birthstones are no different. Experts trace the origins of birthstones back to the Bible, or, more precisely, back to Moses. He is believed to have chosen twelve precious gemstones to decorate a special breastplate for Aaron, the high priest. The twelve stones are said to have represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

Later, these twelve gems became associated with the signs of the zodiac and, eventually, each gemstone was dedicated to one of the twelve calendar months. When looking for a list of birthstones, you may find different variations; however, the list we feature here is the one most jewelry makers use today.


The Power of Gemstones

Throughout history, gemstones have been used not just for their value and beauty but, also, because of their inherent energy. While not everyone will believe in the healing force of gemstones, people throughout human history have attributed special powers to gemstones. Individual gems have been associated with distinct qualities, and today’s crystal therapists use each precious gem for specific purposes.


Unique Qualities and Characteristics of Birthstones

Because each birthstone is associated with unique properties and intended for specific uses, we can, therefore, make certain guesses about the personality of the people born in each month. Consequently, if your child is going to be a January child, you can look up the properties of garnet and get an impression of the type of personality your child is likely to have. You may also wish to purchase the right birthstone for you child, as a source of comfort, as well as joy and strength.



Special Birthstone Presents

It comes as no surprise that birthstone jewelry has grown in popularity because of the power of gemstones and because it makes for an inherently special and personal gift. Birthstone pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or rings are just some of the options, and you can add an even stronger personal touch by purchasing gemstone beads and crafting a piece of birthstone jewelry yourself. By doing so, you can give a precious gift that your child will cherish throughout her/his life.


What Birthstones Can Tell You About the Personality of Your Child

Taking a look at each of the qualities associated with your baby’s likely birthstone is utterly fascinating. While it will just give you a glimpse of what type of little person she/he is going to be, even a snapshot can delight and excite.

Let’s take a look at each birthstone, month by month.


January - Garnet

If your baby is born in January, garnet jewelry is what you’ll be looking for. First references to garnet go back to the ancient Egyptians, who used garnet for protection and healing. Warriors are believed to have used garnet to shield them in battles, and healers attributed wound-healing and pestilence-clearing properties to this beautiful gemstone.

Garnet is available in different colors; however, you will mostly find red garnet.

Personality Traits: Garnet is associated with clarity, reliability, warmth, and compassion. Those born in January are believed to be “motherly leaders” in a group setting. Interestingly, while garnet is strongly associated with warmth and compassion, those born in January are also believed to be excellent critical thinkers.

Crystal therapists use garnet to heal internal and external tissue and to enhance clear thinking, as well as compassion.


February - Amethyst

Amethysts are, perhaps, the most popular precious gems, and you will find countless references to amethyst in history books. The Greeks and Romans are said to have used amethyst to ward off drunkenness, while amethyst was also one of the twelve gemstones representing the tribes of Israel. Amethyst has also been a symbol for spirituality, many believing this gemstone is a symbol for Christ.

Amethyst is widely available throughout the world and famous for many different shades of beautiful purple.


Personality Traits: If your baby is born in February, she/he may be very spiritual, somewhat dreamy, but also exceedingly insightful, warm, and sensitive. Amethyst is also strongly associated with calm and peace, suggesting that those born in February may seek conflict resolution rather than confrontation.

Crystal therapists use amethyst to calm, ward off negativity, and enhance concentration. Amethyst is also believed to be a strong protective stone.


March - Aquamarine

As the name suggests, aquamarine resembles the sea and is associated with calm, protection, and love. Once used by sailors to provide a safe voyage, aquamarine has had many uses throughout history. The Romans believed that by carving a frog into a piece of aquamarine, irreconcilable differences between feuding parties could be overcome. Others saw aquamarine as a symbol of love and relationships, helping to resolve marital differences. The Hebrews and Egyptians carried aquamarine into battle in the hope of achieving victory.

Personality Traits: People born in March are believed to have a calming, peace-inducing influence. If your baby is born in March, she/he is also likely to have a great ability to express feelings and emotions.

Crystal therapists use aquamarine for its calming properties, as well as for purification purposes. Aquamarine can also be useful for throat and thyroid problems.


April - Diamond

Diamond-gemstone-beadDiamonds were once believed to be the physical form of lightning and have fascinated people throughout the ages. Because the process by which diamonds are formed is exceedingly long, these precious gems continue to hold a special place among all the gemstones. Diamonds are believed to be the hardest substance on Earth, and they date back billions of years.

The name diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas,” meaning invincible, and that is precisely what the stone has been associated with throughout the ages. Apart from symbolizing eternal love, diamonds have also been used to promote strength, clarity, and abundance.

Personality Traits: Those born in April are believed to be exceedingly strong, often stubborn, and forever determined. Perseverance and tenacity are two further qualities associated with this birthstone.

Crystal therapists use diamonds to energize, detox, and clear the mind.


May - Emerald

Stunning green emeralds continue to fascinate and bedazzle. The oldest emerald is believed to be nearly three billion years old, and the ancient Egyptians were the first to be on record for mining emerald. Cleopatra famously demanded ownership of all the emerald mines in Egypt.

Apart from being associated with beauty and calm, this precious gem has been associated with many healing powers throughout the ages. People used it against stomach cramps, epilepsy, and excessive bleeding. It was also believed to have calming qualities and the ability to ease panic.

Personality Traits: If your baby is born in May, you can expect an extremely loyal, loving little person. Emerald personalities are also associated with adaptability and tolerance.

Crystal therapists today use emerald for its muscular and skeletal healing abilities.


June - Pearl



Interestingly, pearls were considered to be tears in many cultures. The Greeks believed them to be tears of the gods, the Japanese thought they were tears of mythical creatures, and some thought they were tears of the moon. The Chinese, however, believed that dragons had pearls between their teeth. When the dragon was slain, the recovered pearl was thought to award wisdom. Throughout history, pearls have symbolized purity and innocence.

Natural pearls are extremely rare, and most of today’s pearls are cultured.

Personality Traits: Those born in June are believed to have wisdom beyond their years, even though they may appear a little dreamy or naive. If your baby is born in June, she/he is likely to love nature and have a special connection to animals.

Crystal therapists use pearls to boost fertility and enhance the health of the digestion and internal organs.


July - Ruby

Rubies have been a symbol of love and passion throughout history and make the perfect bridal gift. History books indicate that the ruby was particularly popular among Asian nations. The Chinese believed rubies to award protection and even included ruby elements in building foundations. The Greeks and Hindus both believed that a ruby could heat water or wax, and the ruby was also associated with rebirth in ancient Hindu culture.

Throughout the centuries, the gemstone spinel was mistaken for rubies, and it is only quite recently that the true rarity of the ruby was appreciated.


Personality Traits: People born in July are believed to have vibrant, exuberant personalities and approach all things with love and passion. Never shying away from confrontation, they are also thought to be honest and courageous.

Crystal therapists use the ruby to increase vitality, detox, and enhance the function of all organs.


August - Peridot

The beautiful green peridots were adored by the ancient Egyptians, who believed in this gem’s protective power. They also used peridot to harness nature’s forces, and, interestingly, many today believe that Cleopatra’s emerald treasures were actually peridot.

Peridots originate from deep within the Earth’s mantle and are brought to the surface by lava.

Throughout history, peridot is believed to protect against negativity, evil forces, and nightmares.

Personality Traits: August babies are said to be very easy to get along with and very chatty. They are also believed to be luckier than most.

Crystal therapists use peridot to increase energy and strengthen the immune system.


September - Sapphire

Even though most people think of sapphire as a stunningly blue gem, sapphire comes in many colors. The most famous sapphire ring is perhaps the engagement ring Prince Charles gave to Diana in 1981 as an engagement ring. Prince William gave the same ring to Kate, now the Duchess of Kent, in 2011.

Throughout history, sapphire was associated with the divine. The Greeks, Buddhists, and Hindus also used sapphire for its spiritual qualities, believing that this precious gem provided a direct link to higher powers.

Personality Traits: People born in September are believed to be intelligent and calm and slow to lose their cool, but also reluctant to share their feelings.

Crystal therapists use sapphire to strengthen veins, calm cells, and enhance spiritual gifts.


October - Opal



The gods allegedly gave the multicolored opal as a gift to mankind. Some cultures believed that all the colors represented the healing qualities and powers of colored gemstones, making opal the most powerful gemstone.

Opal’s popularity took a nosedive when it was featured in a novel by Sir Walter Scott. In the story, the opal changed color with the moods of an enchanted princess and brought her a lot of bad luck. Sales throughout Europe plummeted as a result.

Personality Traits: October kids are believed to have a vibrant, vivacious personality. They are often the center of attention in a group, and, though they may seem calm on the outside, they continuously have lots on their mind.

Crystal therapists use opal in childbirth, to increase motivation, sharpen the memory, and regulate blood sugar levels.


November - Topaz

Topaz was considered to be a sacred and powerful stone in many cultures. In Europe, people used it to break spells, African shamans employed topaz in various rituals, while the Hindus believed it to be sacred. Topaz was also believed to be useful in combatting nightmares and madness, and in calming hot tempers.

Though mostly thought of as a yellow gemstone, topaz is also available in blue. The most expensive topaz is actually pink.

Personality Traits: People born in November are said to be good communicators, highly creative, calm, dedicated to their work, and thoughtful. They are also believed to have lots of energy.

Crystal therapists use topaz as a protective stone, as well as for purification purposes.


December - Turquoise

Countless cultures around the world have appreciated the power and beauty of turquoise throughout human history. The Aztecs and Persians wore turquoise for protection, while Native American medicine men used turquoise to connect with spiritual dimensions. Turquoise was mined back as early as 3000 BCE.

Personality Traits: If your baby is born in December, you can expect your little one to be sensitive, kind, and caring. Always concerned with the welfare of others, those born in December are thought to be vivacious and full of life.

Crystal therapists appreciate turquoise for its positive impact on the digestive system and gut, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and on the health of the eyes.


Meaningful Presents

Birthstone gifts are meaningful and present the receiver with a life-long, powerful memento. Thanks to their beauty and inherent energy, precious gems continue to fascinate and empower.