The Best Tips for Beginning Jewelry Makers

No matter what type of skill you want to learn, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone had to start somewhere.  If you have always wanted to begin making your own jewelry, but weren’t sure where or how to begin, you aren’t alone.  It can seem intimidating to take that first step forward, but now is the perfect time to take the plunge and learn how to make your own jewelry.  Let 2016 be your year to start making your own jewelry with this quick guide on what you need to begin:

Narrow Down Your Interests

While it can be tempting take on every jewelry making project that catches your eye, it’s better to select one area of jewelry making, and learn the ins and outs, before dipping your toes into other areas.  Taking on too many projects will only leave you frustrated by lack of progress and lack of money after spending everything you have on getting started.  Invest in one area first, because chances are good that you will learn certain skills that can be transferred to other areas of jewelry making.

Take a Class

It never hurts to learn from the pros.  Taking a class with a friend or spouse can be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience at the same time.  Check out websites such as Groupon to see if you can score any deals on jewelry making classes.  You can also try posting in jewelry forums to see if there are any classes in your area that people recommend.  Learning from a skilled teacher allows you to speed up the learning process and also helps you avoid huge mistakes that beginners often make.  Additionally, adding a friend can hold you accountable and give you that extra push that you need to get started.

Purchase Quality Materials

You will become easily discouraged if you make something amazing, only to have it fall apart because of low quality materials.  If you are making beaded jewelry, Beads of Cambay has a wide selection of quality beads that are sure to suit your tastes.  Investing in quality materials is important, regardless of whether or not you wish to see your items later on.  You can spend hours crafting the perfect piece, but, if the materials are poor, the final result will have you feeling dejected.  Don’t spend all that hard work using materials that won’t do your piece justice.

Master the Basics

We all want to eventually make that super fancy beaded necklace that we pinned on Pinterest, but taking on a complicated project before you are ready will no doubt spell disaster.  Make it your future goal, and work on the basic skills in the meantime.  YouTube has some great tutorials on jewelry basics, and you can also follow some bloggers who are into beaded jewelry for more help and inspiration.  This blogger’s tutorial on how to make a simple wire loop will be helpful to those who are just getting into jewelry making, because it is a common skill in many different types of projects.

Have a Clean Crafting Space

It’s incredibly difficult for many of us to work efficiently when our workspaces are not tidy.  This same logic applies when it comes to making jewelry.  It is almost guaranteed that you (and possibly your family) will get annoyed by the clutter, and this can impact your final project.  Designate a specific area for your craft projects that gives you ample room.  Make sure to purchase organizational supplies, such as bead storage containers and boxes for various materials.  We know that artists can sometimes have trouble being organized, but having these supplies will help you cut the clutter and allow your creativity to get flowing.

Don’t Give Up!

If you are starting to pull out your hair in frustration, take a deep breath and try to relax.  Just because others make it look easy doesn’t mean that they did not have a difficult time in the beginning as well.  The truth is that every person who has tried making something, only to have it fail miserably, knows how tempting it is to give up in the moment.  If you are frustrated, try taking a walk to boost your mood.  If you are feeling dejected, look back at your progress, no matter how small it may be.  You took the first steps to begin making jewelry and, for that reason alone, you should congratulate yourself.