The right necklace can give an outfit an indescribable boost, and it’s all the more rewarding when the necklace was created with your own hands. While there’s not always a way to know which piece will complement which outfit, we will do our best to give you a guide based on some of the most common necklines.

For Button-Downs

Even your most structured business looks, anchored by a button-down shirt, can be dressed up with a necklace. A choker style necklace can provide flash and composure; worn under the collar, it can be even more striking.

For Cowl Necks

Cowl necks provide a bit of extra volume and visual interest in their own right, so don’t overwhelm this look with complicated or chunky jewelry. Assuming you decide to wear a necklace at all (this look could also be amplified with earrings), a small pendant will provide the balance needed.

For Crew Necks

This common neckline calls for a simple complement. To mirror its round shape, pair this neckline with a bib or collar necklace or choker. Let the embellishment of this look come from the details on the piece, rather than the length of the cord or chain.

For Strapless

A strapless top or dress means that your collarbone and chest are serving as an accessory. Don’t let this wonderful addition to your outfit compete with your jewelry—keep it simple with either a short pendant necklace or an understated choker.

For V-Necks

Just as with the crew neck shirts, V-necks are best complemented with a shape that mirrors their shape. For a shallow V, short to mid-length pendants will achieve this; deeper V-necks can be complemented with longer pendants or chains.

What are some of your favorite necklace and neckline pairings? We’d love to hear what you’re matching in the comments.

October 20, 2015 — Arun Yadav