Hidden in the Andes Mountains near San Patricio, Peru, are rare Peruvian opals. In fact, these opal stones are considered to be gifts from Pachamama, the Inca goddess known as the “earth mother.” These stunning gemstones are the national stone of Peru because of their rarity and beauty.

Besides their unique texture and color shades, these Peruvian opal beads can be used for many decorative and healing purposes.

Andes mountain where Peruvian opals mined

Colors of Peruvian Opals

If you look at a Peruvian opal, you will find they are very different compared to other opals in the world, such as the Ethiopian opal. Many opals are very dark and bold in their colors. The Peruvian opal is bold in its own way.

Peruvian opals come in two popular colors: pink and blue. These shades are very different compared to typical blue and pink gem shades.

A blue Peruvian opal bead’s color can be easily compared to that of the clear and peaceful Caribbean Sea. A Peruvian pink opal has a creamy and delicate pink shade and is often compared to pink rose petals.

Blue opals change into various hues when they are cut. The rare blue Peruvian opal can be cut in two ways. One way is to cut this gem, so it will show different hues of blue. The other way is to cut the gem, so it has a black fern effect, which creates a winding black line through the translucent stone.

These two colors also have very calming effects on the body. In fact, there are many legends that say these two opal colors help to relax and calm the body fully and can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

The Peruvian blue opal’s color is especially popular due to its apparent healing powers. Due to these calming effects, many people like to wear this stone when doing yoga.


The Peruvian Opal’s Texture and Its Measure on the Mohs Scale

These Peruvian opal gems are very delicate, especially the blue opal. Heat can damage the blue opal and dim its translucent color. Therefore, it is best not to bring this blue opal into contact with extreme heat.

However, even though they are delicate regarding temperature, these gorgeous gems are made of tough materials. They are strong gemstones and are created by igneous rock mixed with silica. On the Mohs scale of hardness, these opals measure 5.5-6. This number means they are strong gemstones.

The exterior of a Peruvian opal is very smooth. This slenderness makes them the perfect gemstone beads to use for jewelry design because they are a strong material to work with, but one that is smooth and easy to touch.

Peruvian blue opal beads for jewelry making

Shapes of Peruvian Opal Beads

Peruvian Opals come in many different shapes and sizes, so you have many choices available for your jewelry project. For instance, blue opal cabochons are long oval-shaped gemstone beads and are ideal for ring making. Peruvian opal beads also come in very small circular sizes, which are perfect for necklace and bracelet making.

These bead shapes can help make some very interesting pieces of jewelry. Peruvian opal bead shapes can help make jewelry pieces that are even more impressive than the usual sterling silver jewelry.


Things to Do with Peruvian Opal Beads

There are quite a few things that you can do with Peruvian opal beads. These beads are great if you often do yoga because of their calming effects on the body. This effect makes them the perfect yoga jewelry.

Besides yoga, Peruvian opal beads are ideal for any jewelry making. You can make everything from dazzling Peruvian opal rings to creative statement Peruvian opal pendants.

These opal stones are also great for making necklaces. One popular necklace creation to make is with Peruvian opal rondelles. These are small circular gemstone beads. Besides necklaces, you can also create a Peruvian opal bracelet with these beads.

Opal heishi beads can also be used to create necklaces and bracelets. However, opal heishi beads tend to not have the same smooth edges compared to beads like the Peruvian opal rondelles. Peruvian opal beads are ideal for jewelry making because they are easy to work with and they come in calming eye-catching colors.

Female jewelry maker stringing blue beaded necklace


Peruvian opals are gorgeous gemstones that can be used for many purposes. These opals are known worldwide for their rarity and beauty. They come in colors many other opals don’t, and these opal colors are known for their healing and calming effects on the body.

Besides these effects, these gemstone beads are also perfect for jewelry making. Peruvian opal beads come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can make many unique pieces of jewelry with them.
July 26, 2017 — Arun Yadav
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