Six Benefits of Adding White Topaz Beads into Your Jewelry Design

Designing jewelry is a creative process only limited by your imagination. The use of gemstones in strategic placements to create visually stunning pieces takes talent and vision. White topaz beads are quickly gaining in popularity with forward-thinking designers who strive to create only the most desired jewelry.

White topaz beads


Those born in November are likely familiar with topaz. It is their birthstone, but it is also the secondary birthstone for April, sharing a place with diamonds. Most people immediately think of diamonds when considering a white gemstone. Opals and pearls are also white, but they will not give you that "wow" factor. White topaz gives you so much more!


What Is White Topaz?

White topaz is an organic, naturally occurring stone. Its composition is an aluminum silicate, although it also contains ions of both hydroxide and fluoride. The stones are naturally colorless, and their distinguished history dates back more than 2,000 years.

Using both underground and surface mining techniques is common. Mining occurs in several countries, including Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia, and the United States. Brazil currently supplies most of the world's topaz.


Benefit 1: Strength

The Mohs scale is the industry standard for measuring hardness in gemstones. Diamonds are one of Earth's hardest substances, with the highest rating of ten. Topaz comes in with a respectable eight, meaning that is quite hard. With all things being relative, diamonds are more than six times harder than topaz.

What this means for designers is scratching will occur easier in a topaz than it would a diamond. Regardless, white topaz beads are still much preferred, over other alternatives, for their luster and brilliance.


Benefit 2: Refraction

Light bouncing off a gemstone is reflection. When light enters into a stone, it shoots back out, constantly changing direction and speed. This is refraction, or "light return." Refraction is measured using the refractive index.

The brightest gemstones have the highest numbers on the refractive index. Topaz scores a 1.64. Due to their double refraction properties, using white topaz gives an effective guarantee of brilliance for whatever your design may be.


Benefit 3: Price

White topaz beads are far less expensive than other stones of their caliber. Not only does this mean that designs are more cost-effective for the jeweler to produce, but they are also less expensive for the customer to purchase. For only a fraction of the cost of a necklace or bracelet featuring diamonds, white topaz beads give all the same benefits.


Benefit 4: Versatility

Available in either faceted or micro-faceted, the design possibilities are immense; long, short, thin, thick. Strands of twisted beads can be layered to any desired dimension. This means that custom designs will easily work for any body type and bone structure.

Small boned women will find that jewelry with fewer strands enhances their delicate structure. A greater strand concentration works wonderfully for those who have either normal or big boned frames.


Benefit 5: Matching Capabilities

White topaz bead bracelet


White topaz beads are a perfect match with any combination of other gems, looking particularly lovely set against gold. This makes them an exceptional addition to your design line. Experimenting by mixing and matching topaz beads in various patterns among other gemstones can create a signature look that is uniquely you.

Their "spun sugar" appearance intensifies and compliments regardless of the setting used. Necklaces and bracelets are most common, but some designers have begun making the foray into earrings featuring white topaz beads. This anomalous use opens more doors and allows for greater market expansion. Nothing looks more exquisite than white topaz beads worn with a gorgeous wedding dress!


Benefit 6: Health Benefits

In today's health conscious society, we are all looking for a magic remedy. All stones apparently have healing powers, and topaz has a remarkable list of health benefits. If it is possible to attain better health by wearing jewelry, topaz is the way to go.

If you have ever suffered through the excruciating pain of a migraine, you know you will do anything for relief. Migraine sufferers notice a decrease in the number of attacks they have when wearing white topaz.

In olden times, these stones were used to check for the presence of poison in food. People would also place them directly on body parts to relieve the pain caused by rheumatism, gallstones, and arthritis. In addition to these uses, today sufferers of conditions like blood disorders, gastric upset, and problems with eyesight also use it.


The Final Word

If you have been hankering for a fresh new look, try your hand at using topaz. Repetitive use of the same gems can lead to hitting an "artistic wall." Solving this dilemma is simple—revamp the creative juices with the newest star in the jewelry design galaxy—white topaz beads!