Opposing Styles: Jewelry Trends for 2017

When creative directors from top fashion design companies travel for inspiration, you can bet the new trends coming will reflect the places they have been and revive a style from the past. How far back, depends on the designer and how inspired the director becomes. In 2017, some of the trends from 2016 will continue, such as custom jewelry, colorful gemstones, and beads, but there are two main looks that will be at the forefront of designers such as Christian Dior and Versace.


The first is a vintage look that encompasses all the rich and luxurious design of the Chateau de Versailles just outside of Paris. Known as the “seat of power” for the King and Queen of France, the palace is steeped in political, social, and royal history. It was built in 1623 by King Louis the XIII as a hunting lodge, then enlarged by King Louis the IX into a sprawling royal palace.


It was used up until the French Revolution in 1789, and then largely was abandoned. Wars took their toll on Versailles; however, the restoration is almost complete. After creative director for Dior Joaillerie Victoire de Castellane visited the royal palace, their new line of jewelry is a miniaturized version of the elegance and opulence of Versailles.




Gemstones galore saturate this line, reminiscent of chandeliers and scrollwork that is spotted throughout the palace. To recreate similar styles for your own collection, using vibrant, clear gemstones is a must. For example, the “Salon de Mars Briolete” earrings from Christian Dior’s newest line (image on left) can be created using crystal quartz and rose quartz instead of diamonds and pink sapphires.


This style will surely be one of the top trends through 2017, so if you are looking to stay in line with the top designers, use the inspiration of Versailles to move you toward creating fabulous jewelry such as this.


The other upcoming top look is completely at odds with the elegant Versailles look, though just as stunning. Referred to as the Boho look, this style combines the Bohemian and hippie trends from the 1960s and 1970s with a hip flair. The height of the Boho-chic style in 2005 was marked by Kate Moss and Mary Kate Olsen in England and the U.S., respectively.


To achieve this look, try long, flowing skirts with beautiful prints such as tie-dye or abstract floral patterns. The style is loose and comfortable, as shown with the myriad of peasant blouses and tunics. The jewelry is reminiscent of an Earth Goddess, with gemstone headbands, beaded floral earrings, and pendants. Also, the chunkier the necklace, the better.




This colorful fashion can be mixed with other styles as well, such as menswear, Americana, and sleek chic. Nothing says Boho chic better than turquoise, red, silver, and blue stones, so deck yourself out in rings with these colors. Silver is the main setting choice, as it is a more natural metal and looks stunning with turquoise stones.


The heavy ethnic influence on the Boho chic is evident in the patterns and styles of the clothing. Taken from places and cultures such as Mexico, Native American, India, and Eastern European (think gypsy), the fashion is very much a blending of various places around the world, like a melting pot of fashion.




Anklets and bracelets are a must-have with the Boho chic style. Choosing different materials such as wood, metal, or woven cording for a bracelet is ideal. The Boho style truly embraces nature, and all the colors and textures found in it. You can dress up these pieces with copper beads and charms, as well, for a real fun, hippie look.


Like the chandelier earrings in the Versailles-inspired style, this look is also part of the Boho chic; however, with less sparkle and symmetry. Using feathers, leather, and natural looking stones such as amber or lapis lazuli in making your Boho earrings will ensure a standout look.


Whether you are a Renaissance woman or a flower child, these styles are sure to dazzle the pages of every fashion magazine around the world. Which style suits your personality the best?