As the calendar flips to July, those celebrating their birthdays enjoy claiming one of the most sought-after gems as their birthstone: the ruby. Diving into the vibrant world of the July birthstone introduces us to the rich, red allure of rubies, their fascinating characteristics, and their profound symbolism.

The July birthstone, ruby, is renowned for its deep red color and is considered one of the most coveted gemstones in the world. Here are some of the key benefits of wearing ruby, the July birthstone:

Emotional and Physical Healing

Rubies are believed to stimulate the base chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body. They are associated with improved energy and concentration, courage, joy, and overcoming difficulties.

Wealth and Prosperity

Traditionally, rubies have been seen as stones of prosperity. They are thought to attract wealth and abundance. Wearing a ruby is also believed to promote self-awareness and the realization of truth, particularly in love and relationships.

Improved Relationships and Love

Ruby is often called the stone of love, passion, and power. It is said to intensify emotions and encourage closeness between lovers. Ruby Beads are also used to enhance sexual energy and overall physical health.


In many cultures, rubies have been prized for their protective properties. They are considered powerful shields against negative energies and psychic attacks. They also promote a clear mind, increased awareness, and excellent concentration.

Spiritual Energy

Rubies are said to amplify spiritual energy and assist in spiritual journeys. They have been used in spiritual practices to enhance intuition, meditation, and the search for higher truth.

Enhancing Motivation

Wearing ruby can boost your motivation and set you on a path towards your goals. It is often recommended for those who need to increase their enthusiasm and zest for life.

Overall, the ruby, as the July birthstone, not only enhances physical and emotional health but also brings numerous spiritual and protective benefits to its wearer.

The Ravishing July Birthstone: Ruby

The ruby is undoubtedly one of the most captivating gemstones with its deep red hues. Rubies have been revered throughout history as the king of precious stones for their rarity and beauty. This July birthstone is a visual treat and a symbol of passion, protection, and prosperity.

History of Ruby

Rubies have a storied history that dates back thousands of years. Ancient warriors believed rubies brought valor, and kings wore them to demonstrate wealth and wisdom. Historically, rubies were particularly favored in Asian countries, where they adorned the armor and harnesses of nobles.

The ruby, with its fiery red hue, has captivated human civilization across the globe for centuries, establishing a rich history intertwined with royalty, mythology, and art. Known as the “King of Gems,” the ruby has a storied past that highlights its significance and allure.

Ancient Times and Early Trade

Rubies were first discovered in the mines of Myanmar (formerly Burma), a region that has produced some of the finest rubies for over 2500 years. The Burmese warriors held these gems in great regard, believing that rubies would make them unbeatable in combat. They would even insert rubies under their skin to grant them protection in combat.

Ruby in Asian Royalty

Since ancient times, rubies have been revered in Asia, particularly in India and China. Indian nobility often saw rubies as a symbol of immortality and invincibility. According to ancient Hindu texts, offering fine rubies to the god Krishna could grant the donor rebirth as an emperor. In China, rubies were traditionally buried beneath the foundations of buildings to secure good fortune for the structures.

Rubies in European History

Rubies were introduced to Western and European cultures through the Silk Road, where they quickly became prized possessions among European royalty and upper classes. They were considered so valuable that only the king and those he favored could wear them.

Medieval and Renaissance Periods

During the Medieval period, Europeans believed that rubies possessed the power to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. The ruby's red color was thought to be due to an inextinguishable inner fire, which could even boil water. In the Renaissance, rubies were viewed as stones of prophecy, believed to darken when danger was imminent.

The Modern Era

In modern times, rubies remain a place of distinction in the world of gemstones. They are celebrated for their beauty, rarity, and durability, making them one of the most sought-after gems for jewelry. The most famous ruby, the Sunrise Ruby, set a record when it sold for over $30 million at a Swiss auction in 2015, underscoring this remarkable stone's enduring allure and value.

Throughout history, rubies have been admired for their stunning beauty and supernatural qualities and symbol of power and wealth across various cultures. Their rich color and hardness, second only to diamonds, make them a timeless choice for jewelry and ornamentation.

Properties of Ruby

Rubies are renowned for their hardness, ranking only below diamonds on the Mohs scale, which makes them an excellent choice for everyday wear. Their vibrant red color is due to the presence of chromium in the mineral corundum, the same mineral that sapphires are made from.

Symbolism of Ruby

Rubies are symbols of passion and energy, closely associated with feelings of love and anger, and are thought to bring good fortune and intense emotion to those who wear them. In many cultures, rubies are believed to offer protection and bring harmony and contentment.

Color of Ruby

The most prized rubies are called "pigeon's blood" for their pure red color with a hint of blue undertones. The intensity of a ruby's color primarily determines its value.

The Most Famous Rubies

Among the world's most famous rubies is the Sunrise Ruby, the most expensive ruby ever sold at auction, fetching over $30 million. Its rich color and impressive size make it a notable piece in gem history.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Ruby?

Wearing ruby is said to invigorate energy levels, boost emotional well-being, and protect against misfortune and ill health. It's also thought to enhance motivation and the setting of realistic goals.

The Best Jewelry Styles to Consider

Rubies shine best when set in rings and necklaces, allowing their color to stand out. They are often paired with diamonds to enhance their red hue. At Beads of Cambay, we recommend exploring our diverse July birthstone collections to find that perfect ruby piece that speaks to your style and spirit.

The Alternative July Birthstone: Onyx

For those seeking something a little different, onyx is an intriguing alternative July birthstone. This gemstone is known for its strikingly bold appearance and deep black color, starkly contrasting the fiery ruby.

History of Onyx

Onyx Beads have been used in jewelry and as protective talismans since ancient times. They were believed to ward off evil spirits and bad fortunes. It was a popular stone used in ancient Rome for carving cameos and intaglios.

Properties of Onyx

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony and is distinguished by its bands of white and black. It's fairly durable, making it suitable for a variety of jewelry applications.

Symbolism of Onyx

Onyx, a captivating gemstone with a deep and rich history, is imbued with a range of powerful symbolic meanings across different cultures and periods. Its striking appearance and unique properties lend it an aura of mystery and significance. Here are some of the key symbolic aspects associated with onyx:

Strength and Endurance

Onyx symbolizes strength, resilience, and endurance. Its solid and firm appearance reflects its association with stability and steadfastness. This symbolism makes onyx a popular choice for those facing challenging situations, as it is believed to provide the wearer with the strength to withstand or overcome difficulties.

Protection and Shielding

Traditionally, onyx is believed to offer protection. It is said to shield the wearer from negative energies and influences. In ancient times, soldiers carried onyx into battle, believing it would protect them from harm and bring them courage.

Grounding and Self-control

Onyx is often associated with grounding and self-control. It is believed to help stabilize and ground one’s emotions, providing support during stressful or emotional times. This makes it a valuable stone for those seeking to maintain a balanced emotional state and enhance self-discipline.

Clearing Away Negativity

The deep black of the onyx suggests its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energies. It is thought to clear away negativity from the environment and the individual’s personal energy field, helping to bring about emotional balance and prevent the drain of personal energy.

Inner Strength and Personal Growth

Onyx encourages the development of inner strength and the fortification of one's personal will and integrity. It promotes steadfastness and responsible decision-making, and it is often recommended for those working on building their self-confidence and authority.

Mourning and Letting Go

Due to its somber color and serious luster, onyx was commonly used in mourning jewelry in Victorian times. It symbolized grief and the need to let go of the past and assisted in the emotional process of mourning and recovery.

Spiritual Awakening

In spiritual practices, onyx encourages introspection and the facing of one's own shadow self, leading to spiritual growth and awakening. It aids meditation and the quest for true and profound wisdom.

This rich symbolism makes onyx a versatile and meaningful gemstone cherished for its beauty and deep and varied meanings. It speaks to many aspects of life and personal development, making it a profound and respected element in jewelry and spiritual practices.


This stone symbolizes self-control and resilience. It is said to shield its wearer from negative forces and help develop emotional and physical strength, especially when support is needed during times of stress.

Color of Onyx

Onyx can range from pure black to banded with stripes of white and shades of grey. Each variation brings its own unique appeal, making it a versatile choice in jewelry making.

The Most Famous Onyx

The Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Imperial State Crown is a large red spinel, but due to its color and size, it has been historically mistaken for a ruby. This stone illustrates the appeal of dark gemstones and their historical significance.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Onyx?

Onyx is believed to help release negativity, alleviate stress, and improve stamina. It's recommended for those facing challenging situations or needing to remain steady in tumultuous times.

Here are some of the key benefits of wearing onyx:

Emotional Strength and Stability

Onyx is often associated with strength, stamina, and self-control. Wearing onyx can help stabilize and ground one’s emotions, providing support during stressful or emotional times. It is believed to help a person maintain a balanced emotional state, enhance decision-making, and resolve conflicts.

Protection from Negative Energy

One of the most celebrated properties of onyx is its ability to protect the wearer from negative forces. This gemstone is said to absorb and transform negative energy, helping to prevent the drain of personal energy and aid in developing emotional and physical resilience.

Enhancing Focus and Determination

Onyx encourages determination and perseverance, helping individuals to pursue their goals and remain steadfast in their endeavors. It’s believed to boost concentration and focus, making it an excellent stone for those who need to stay grounded and productive.

Physical Health Benefits

Onyx is said to benefit teeth, bones, and feet in terms of physical health. It can help with bone disorders, blood disorders, and foot issues. It’s also thought to improve the functions of the sensory and motor nervous systems.

Support during Times of Grief

Onyx has a comforting quality that can provide support during times of grief. It helps with emotional healing by fostering feelings of security and calmness.

Fostering Wise Decision-Making

Onyx is believed to enhance wisdom and help people make wise decisions, especially concerning issues that directly affect one's life. It encourages happiness and good fortune by fostering wise decision-making.

Spiritual Benefits

Spiritually, onyx is said to help with meditation and dreams. It can help one to see dualities and to be more sensible. Additionally, it is used to help people find a spiritual perspective, contributing to personal growth and development.

These diverse benefits make onyx a powerful and protective gemstone, suitable for anyone seeking to bolster their emotional and physical strength while shielding themselves from negative influences.

The Best Jewelry Styles to Consider

Onyx is striking when used in minimalistic designs or as bold statement pieces. It pairs beautifully with silver or white gold, highlighting its deep black color.

What Are the Zodiac Gemstones for July?

Besides the traditional July birthstones, certain zodiac signs associated with July have specific gemstones. Cancer can claim pearls as their zodiac stone, while Leo enjoys the vibrancy of peridots.

Final Thoughts on July Birthstones

Whether you're drawn to the fiery passion of rubies or the grounding strength of onyx, July’s birthstones offer something for everyone. Their rich histories, profound symbolism, and stunning beauty make them perfect choices not just for those born in July but for anyone wishing to add a piece of these timeless gems to their collection. Don’t forget to explore the exquisite selection of gemstone beads at Beads of Cambay to find your perfect July gem.


Whether you're drawn to the fiery passion of rubies or the grounding strength of onyx, July’s birthstones offer something for everyone. Their rich histories, profound symbolism, and stunning beauty make them perfect choices not just for those born in July but for anyone wishing to add a piece of these timeless gems to their collection. As we explore these enchanting stones, it becomes clear that their appeal is timeless, transcending trends and generations. Rubies, deep red allure, and onyx, with their bold and stark beauty, continue to be celebrated for their remarkable qualities and mystical powers.

June 07, 2024 — Arun Yadav