It can be difficult to stare at a full box of beads, wondering what your next piece should be. We recommend looking to your favorite movies for inspiration—these pieces are some of our favorites to grace the big screen—and, who knows? Maybe they’ll spark some cinema-level creativity for you, too!

Satine’s Necklace, Moulin Rouge

It’s no wonder that the first time penniless writer Christian set eyes on the courtesan Satine, she was draped in diamonds. Designed by Stefano Canturi, the gemstone-embellished collar was the most expensive piece of jewelry made for film to date. It feels at once structured and free-moving, a look that can be achieved with our double drilled marquise beads.

Of course, Satine’s musical number was inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s number in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, wearing another piece of iconic film jewelry. Marilyn’s necklace was chunkier and more practical in its opulence, a look that could be accomplished with the concave faceted gemstones we carry.

Carl Fredericksen’s Uplifting Moment

We love these flying house earrings from CissyPixie on Etsy, inspired by the moment Carl’s house takes flight in Disney/Pixar’s Up. With house charms, fish hook earring wires, and a collection of multicolored freshwater pearls, you can replicate this look by your own hand as you set off for your own adventure!

Rose’s Heart of the Ocean, Titanic

The fictional heart of the ocean heirloom caught the eye of every moviegoer in the theaters in 1997, both for its central role in the film’s plot and its striking beauty. While we’re not sure it can be replicated, we love the idea of a focal bead, flanked on either side with gemstones. Experiment with this look on your bead board, and see if you can’t come up with something equally stunning.

Holly’s Tiffany Diamonds and Pearls

As Audrey Hepburn gazed curiously into the window of Tiffany’s, we were transfixed with the piece just above her collarbone. The necklace’s mix of gemstones and pearls felt luxurious in texture, and impossibly elegant. With that said, it’s not impossible for you to create a Holly Golightly inspired piece by blending gemstones and pearls on a multi-thread choker. These freshwater pearls would be right at home on any of those strands.

What other movie jewelry has caught your eye? Has it turned into a piece of your own? Let us know in the comments!

October 20, 2015 — Arun Yadav widget logo