Getting into beading projects can be incredibly beneficial in many different ways.  Some may think of beading as a simple hobby, but it is so much more than that.  Working with beads can improve your mind and make you a better person by allowing you to tap into your creative side.  If you needed any further reason to fuel your beading addiction, look no further.  Here are simply a handful of ways that beading projects can allow you to be the best person you can be.

Improves Your Brain

You can easily lower your stress levels by getting into beadwork.  Studies have shown that working on crafts can help reduce anxiety and depression, and keep your mind sharp.  Experts have said for years that getting involved in a crafting project such as beading can promote brain flexibility.  In fact, a French study even found that elderly people were less likely to develop cognitive disorders (including Alzheimer’s) when they engaged regularly in crafting projects such as beading, knitting, and sewing.

Lowers Stress

There is no doubt that tapping into your creative outlet lowers stress.  Ask any person who works with beads, and they will most likely admit that it is a form of meditation for them.  This meditative experience is what calms us and makes us happier when we are working with beads.  Performing repetitive motions while we bead enhances the release of serotonin, which fends off bad moods.  If you have a particularly stressful job, getting into beading can potentially help your performance at work and at home.

Getting Involved in the Community

There are many ways that beading can allow you to help your community.  Some of these include making bead projects for those in need, teaching a class for young children, or setting up a place for community members to gather and work on projects.  Becoming involved in charity projects makes you feel like your projects truly make a difference because they directly help someone else.  Reaching out to your community through a shared craft is a great way to be involved and get to know those in your community better.

Strengthens Bonds

Beading can help us strengthen bonds with our family and friends.  Tackling a new project with a family member is a great way to become closer with that person.  It can be difficult to make time for others when there are so many other tasks we need to get done.  Crafting with another person is enjoyable, and it is a perfect activity to do in the winter when you would rather not go outside.  If you are new to the beading world and haven’t purchased any beads yet, you can find high-quality beads at Beads of Cambay to help you get started.  They have knowledgable staff that can answer any questions you may have in case you need help.

Learning to Give

Many people love making projects simply for the sake of giving them to others.  Indeed, it can be addicting to see the joy on someone else’s face when you have worked hard on a bead project just for them.  Whether it’s for family and friends, or random people in need, giving your projects to others and not expecting anything in return is a joy that everyone needs to experience.  Teaching young children the importance of giving early on can be extremely beneficial to them as they grow up, because it encourages generosity.

Boosts Self Esteem

Successfully completing a craft can be a huge boost to your self-esteem.  Our sense of self-worth is increased after we have learned how to do a beaded project and seen it to fruition.  Because our hard efforts are tangible, it makes the feeling of finishing a craft that more satisfying.  Even if it’s not perfect, just attempting new projects can give you the same benefits.  Making something with just your hands is something that not everyone can do, so it should feel like a huge accomplishment when you complete a beaded project.  This feeling intensifies if you are able to wear your finished project, such as a beaded necklace.

Slowing Down Your Life

With soccer practice, making dinner, cleaning the house, and work, life can get pretty hectic.  Working with beads allows us to slow down our busy lives and just enjoy the moment.  Sometimes, we can struggle to balance our responsibilities and extracurricular activities, but focusing on bead projects can give you the opportunity to regroup your mind so that you’re ready to tackle anything that life throws at you.10/20/2015
October 20, 2015 — Arun Yadav widget logo