At Beads of Cambay, we pride ourselves on staying knowledgeable about everything related to jewelry. A topic that our customers will frequently bring up concerns the trends of the year and the jewelry that would match the hottest styles of the season.

Whether or not we like it, the fact is that fashion is an ever-changing subject that can change drastically from year to year. What was “in” last year may be old news today. Fashions change because people change. When a popular a star or a TV show brings in a hip new style, everyone jumps ship and decides to follow them.

Luckily for you, we have you covered. After spending countless hours following popular trends and seeing what people are going for, we are going to show you the hottest jewelry trends that are coming up for the rest of the current year. Try to take advantage of our sales and get the best deal possible! 

Big, Spacious Necklaces

Necklaces are always “in,” but this year we are starting to see a shift in preference for a certain type of necklace. A lot of the stylish necklaces that are being sold out within minutes usually have 1-2 giant gemstones, and they really stand out when they match the rest of someone’s fall attire.

Even with necklaces that are made up of multiple gemstones, each gemstone is rather large in size when compared to your standard gemstone necklace. These necklaces appear clunky to walk around with, but remember that we are trying to look fashionable. We aren’t going to be running a marathon in these!

Simple, Circular Earrings

Earrings are always a hit-or-miss, depending on the clothing that is being worn, but this year it seems like they are making a big comeback. Rather than go for a stylish and avant-garde look, people are keeping it very simple with circle-shaped gemstone earring. Don’t be fooled by their look, because some of them can cost an entire month’s worth of food.

If you want something more affordable, medium-sized monocolor ring earrings are also in style. Coupled with a fashionable shirt or coat, and you have got a rocking style for 2016!

Metal Arm Cuffs

Celebrities like Selena Gomez have started strutting this little accessory on their forearms to add a little pizzazz to their style. They are best suited for warmer weather or formal events when you want to add something that will catch the attention of people passing by. Obviously, this won’t make a difference during the colder weather months up ahead when people are tightly grabbing their coats to keep themselves warm. Fortunately, even the high-end cuffs are not too expensive, and they would be a great way to hop on to the fashion trends of 2016.

Rose Gold

With the fall season coming up in 1-2 months, people are getting ready to whip out the darker colors to match the falling leaves and the rest of their surroundings. Rose gold is a great fall color, and we are going to see it become popular again in Fall 2016. Be warned – this material can be very expensive, no matter the accessory you are buying! You have multiple jewelry options that include rings, watches, purses, necklaces, and many more.

Multiple Rings on One Finger

If you have multiple rings of the same appearance and material, place all of them on any one of your fingers for a very cool look! These rings are extremely cheap and usually go for about $10-15 right now. If you combined the multi-ring option on one hand, and then used the arm cuffs on the opposing arm, you would definitely have a fashion style that BEGS for attention.

These are the hottest jewelry trends of 2016. As always, you will have to make sure that your choice of jewelry matches your clothing (or the other way around; it’s up to you). Take advantage of these trends, and you’ll be able to finish the year in style!

August 30, 2016 — Arun Yadav