Whether you’re a longtime jewelry shop owner or brand new bead enthusiast, the process of buying wholesale can be an intimidating task. From completing government paperwork to deciding on appropriate quantities, many crafters miss out on the many advantages of wholesale purchasing because they simply don’t understand how to do it.

This expert guide breaks down the complications of wholesale buying into simple tips that will have you expanding your small business or hobby in no time. 

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What Does Buying Wholesale Mean?

Buying wholesale means to purchase directly from the bead manufacturer, rather than a retailer.  Wholesale products are sold in much larger quantities than those of retailers, who typically purchase the wholesale product themselves and sell smaller quantities at higher prices. By purchasing straight from a supplier, the consumer essentially “cuts out the middleman,” avoiding price markups while still getting beads straight from a trusted source.

Where Do I Start?

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Buying wholesale requires a little extra paperwork. Typically, wholesalers require a tax ID or license to allow an individual buyer to purchase their products. The reason for this is wholesale items have often not yet had tax applied. Those wishing to receive a tax ID or license to buy wholesale items can easily apply online. To avoid a legal headache, it’s important to follow the necessary steps to obtain a tax ID before purchasing wholesale items.

I Have My Tax ID.  Now What?

Create an account with your wholesaler. Bead wholesalers often require wholesale consumers to set up an account with them to receive wholesale products and benefits. This will require the user to submit a copy of the resale document, so make sure that, if you’re selling what you make, you’re up-to-date on your paperwork. The creation of your online account will make it simple to shop for and keep track of your purchases of wholesale beads.

Why Buy Wholesale?

The foremost advantage to buying wholesale is the lower cost. By signing up for a wholesale account, the consumer is avoiding a markup from the retailer, as well as forgoing a higher retail tax rate. Bead wholesalers offer unbeatable discounts of up to 30% off for their wholesale members. The process is simple: The more you purchase, the more you save.

Those purchasing for smaller-scale projects shouldn’t be deterred by this, though. Many manufacturers offer a tiered discount system, so even those purchasing in smaller amounts still receive benefits. For quality and cost-effectiveness, buying wholesale is one of the best ways to buy beads.

Still Not Convinced? Here Are Some Other Benefits:

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It saves you time. Purchasing wholesale beads online saves you the hassle of getting products from multiple sources by having everything you need for your projects in one place. Purchasing wholesale allows you to stop wasting time on product research and get back to creating things you love.

You have access to a better selection. Shopping with a premier jewelry distributor will give you access to gemstone and freshwater pearl beads, as well as a variety of popular precious and semi-precious beads.

Looking for a rare jewel for a special project?  Online wholesale purchasing offers bead assortments, from focal to leafed beads, and all the supplies necessary to set and create your jewelry. Buying beads online provides a greater variety of options that will allow you to meet the needs of all the projects of your imagination with a simple search.

You can build relationships with the manufacturer and other jewelry professionals. Buying wholesale means working closely with a trusted manufacturer to buy the highest quality products. Buying beads wholesale connects you to a community of others with similar passions, making it easy to collaborate and swap tips for best practice jewelry-making.

By building a relationship with your wholesaler, you have access to advice and knowledge from the top professionals in gemstones. Many manufacturers will also give customers rewards for loyalty.

Other Considerations for Buying Wholesale:

One of the most important things to think about when buying wholesale is how much you’re buying. Because you can save more money by buying higher volumes of beads, it can be tempting to purchase the greatest quantity available. Before settling on a quantity, make sure you have enough to space to safely store your beads.

Final Thoughts

When inspiration strikes, it’s important to have the most effective way to purchase the supplies you need at your fingertips. Purchasing wholesale allows professionals and hobbyists alike to save precious time and money and get back to creating the beautiful projects they love. By following these simple tips for wholesale purchasing, you can stop worrying about supplies and start creating again.
January 27, 2017 — Arun Yadav
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