Colorful Amethyst Beads Can Bead-Dazzle Boring Clothing

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Trying to find a way to jazz up your wardrobe? Are you crazy about the color purple? Is amethyst your birthstone?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you love DIY projects, this blog is for you! Regardless of whether you’re a novice at working with beads or you’re a veteran beader, beading is a simple way to spice up and customize just about any dreary piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe. Topping your clothing with amethyst beads is a great way to bead-dazzle your attire.


About the Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is known as the “Stone of Spirit,” and has been valued since ancient times. Its name comes from the Greek word “amethystos,” which means “not drunk.” There are several myths associated with the amethyst crystal and how it came to be, but the most popular story involves a beautiful maiden and Bacchus, the God of Wine.

The tale says that Bacchus fell for one of Aphrodite’s nymphs named Amethyst, but she was uninterested and became weary of his advances. Amethyst asked the Goddess of Love to help curtail Bacchus’ interest. Aphrodite granted her wish and turned her into a beautiful, clear quartz crystal. Bacchus, in his grief, poured his wine over the crystal and vowed never to drink again.

Once considered a precious gemstone, today the amethyst is easily obtainable and affordable thanks to discoveries of vast deposits around the 1800s. Amethyst colors range from dark to light purple. The transparent, very deep purple colors are the most sought after.

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How to Begin Bead-Dazzling Your Clothing

Beading on fabric is the ultimate in clothing embellishment. The sparkly beads bring a new dimension and a radiance that is unparalleled to your attire. All you are doing is stitching the beads onto the article of clothing in creative and beautiful patterns.

To begin, start by choosing the article of clothing you plan to embellish, and the amethyst beads you selected for the project. Experiment with your bead placement before you commit to the design. Mark the back side of the fabric with a pencil or fabric marker.

Using a clear thread or a thread that matches the material, start by finding the mark on the back side and passing your needle through. On the front side of the fabric, thread your bead through the needle and down the thread. Then insert the needle as close to the initial entry point as possible and pull it back through. Voila! You’ve attached your first bead!

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Bead-Dazzled Embellishment Ideas

Here are some awesome ideas to bead-dazzle your wardrobe:

    • Beads Around the Collar

This may look more like an accessory rather than a part of the clothing, but it is actually sewn directly onto the collar of the shirt. If you adore the look of a necklace, craftstylish shows you how to sew your tear-drop and checkerboard-faceted amethyst beads along the collar. This can be done to a plain t-shirt, sweatshirt and even a tank top.

    • Beaded Sleeves

Create your own geometric design for each sleeve and sew on the beads. Experiment with amethyst top-drilled tube beads and add in a few pear-shaped and cube-shaped pieces to create a one of a kind design. This design looks fabulous on a yellow t-shirt or white sweatshirt.

    • Beaded Scarf

Want to upcycle an old scarf? Hand-stitch rounded amethyst beads of various sizes along the ends of both sides of the scarf. If the scarf is fringed, add beads to the end for a fun look. These beads really pop on a white or gray.

    • Spruce Up an Old Sweater

Purple amethyst beads are similar in color to grapes. Find a grape cluster pattern you like and lay it out on an old sweater and mark your spots. Start adding on the purple amethyst and throw in a few green kynite beads for leaves and you have recreated a whimsical sweater.

    • Bead-Dazzle a Belt

Interested in creating something beaded but not attaching it to your clothing permanently? In that case, you may enjoy glamming up an old belt to complement your favorite pair of jeans. If the belt is made of a light material, sew the beads on. If it is made of a sturdier material such as leather, use a permanent glue. Or just bead-dazzle the belt buckle.

    • Make a Beaded Sash

For this touch of glam, create a simple bead design in the center of a ribbon with delicate amethyst beads. Consider using a Gold-Leafed dark amethyst drusy marquise as the center and surround with rondelle beads for a one of a kind design.

    • Bead-Dazzled Sandals

You’ve seen the designer high-heeled sandals that have beaded embellishments around the ankle strap. They are fashionable and often very expensive. Grab your drab sandals and attach a string of amethyst beads to them to add a little bit of style to your shoes for an on-trend look!