Bring in the New Year with Green Onyx Beads

Onyx gets its name from the Greek word for fingernail, onux. Legend states Eros mischievously cut the fingernails of Aphrodite while she slept, and since her clippings were heavenly in origin, the gods turned them into onyx.


Physical Characteristics

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Green onyx is one of the variations of onyx stone and is often mistaken for jade. Onyx is a part of the quartz group and is a member of the silica oxide chalcedony family with a hardness of 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs scale. This hardness gives it the malleability to form it into almost any shape.

The texture is smooth with a waxy luster. It is typically mined in places like Mexico, Scotland, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, and the USA, but can be found all over the world. Natural onyx is usually black, white, or brown and occasionally has naturally-occurring white bands.

It does bear a resemblance to agate due to the bands, but is generally more opaque. It is dyed a rich, soothing green for aesthetic purposes and to produce a uniform hue.



Onyx is associated with the planet Mercury and is the perfect stone for those born under the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. It is also associated with the heart chakra because of its green color and is known to possess different characteristics that make it unique. Onyx stones provide strength during difficult times, heal grief, and alleviate fears and help you focus on the future.

The stone is also believed to express your spiritual growth and provide emotional support. It has been beaded in rosaries and used as worry beads for centuries, because it heals the karma that is obstructing your life path.


The Perfect Stone for the New Year

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It is the ideal stone to wear during the new year because it is a protective healing crystal that removes negative energy from your body and mind. Many people have testified that wearing onyx keeps them motivated throughout the year.

Consider adding green onyx beads to your jewelry collection as you embrace the new year. Wear a green onyx pendant to help keep your senses sharp and as a form of protection. It is an excellent stone for stimulating intuitive powers and has long been known for its magical attributes. It boosts self-confidence and is an ideal stone to wear in conflicting situations.


Physical Healing

Green is the color of life, fertility, and well-being. Wearing green can bring you closer to nature, and is perfect for when you want balance and harmony in your life.

Onyx can enhance your sensory organs and strengthens the immune system. If losing weight is a goal of yours in the new year, wearing green onyx can help because it is thought to improve cell regeneration, regulate fluids, and assist in the absorption of nutrients.


Green Onyx in Jewelry

Onyx has long been a favorite stone for jewelry due to its versatility and dramatic flair. It can be seen in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and it was popular with the Romans and the Victorians. It is ideal for inlay work, inexpensive jewelry, and can be used instead of emeralds for the same beautiful effect.

Green onyx is durable and can be fashioned into a variety of jewelry pieces, such as these stunning earrings worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. It contrasts well with gold settings but looks equally exquisite with silver.

Luscious green onyx settings can evoke a vintage glamor. Designer Kyle Chan used this effect to reference old Hollywood in the movie “La La Land.” Emma Stone’s matching 14k gold green onyx earrings and necklace can frequently be seen throughout the film. The rich vibrancy of the green onyx also highlights Emma’s green eyes!

Replicate Kate and Emma’s striking look using green onyx faceted pear petite pendants for drop earrings or a simple-yet-beautiful necklace.


How to Care for Your Green Onyx

Green Onyx Beads


Always remove gemstones before exercising, cleaning, gardening, or participating in other physical activities to keep them safe. Although onyx is a tough stone, it requires proper care to keep it in excellent condition.

The best way to clean an onyx is to wipe it clean with a moist cloth. As with most gemstones, it is not recommended to use any ultrasonic cleaners as the stones may be porous and therefore might absorb the chemicals, even soap, which can cause discoloration.

Always store your onyx in a soft cloth or fabric-lined jewelry box, because it can be scratched by harder stones or other materials.