A Rare Find: The Elusive Strawberry Quartz Bead

The strawberry quartz stone, or red fire, as it is also known, is one that has sparked the imagination and stirred the hearts of many stone collectors and jewelers over time. Only mined in two locations, the stone is difficult to track down, as its sources appear to be depleted. Its scarcity only adds to its magic and appeal. Many jewelers and their customers truly love these stones and are thrilled to find a great specimen or completed piece to wear.

Strawberry quartz beads are mysterious, magical, and beautiful. Their unique color and internal fire make them hard to put down and more attractive to work with in a workshop. Here is everything you need to know about this soft, yet bold stone.

Strawberry quartz necklace

The Stone

The structure of the stone is what makes it so beautiful. The lovely, transparent pink with flecks of fiery red is the result of iron oxide. While most stones appear uniformly rosy, a closer inspection under a microscope will reveal the red needles that flash through the quartz. Other pieces have clear, sharp red pieces, though these are even harder to find than the basic strawberry quartz.


 The History of the Stone

The original discovery of the soft pink stone seems to be contested. Many sources claim the first deposit of strawberry quartz was in Mexico, though the name of the state or town of this discovery is hard to find. One source claims the location has deliberately been kept a secret.

The beautiful pieces started popping up in gem markets in the 1970s and were snatched up right away, leaving the strawberry mines empty and therefore creating the gem’s rare, magical status.

A new version of the quartz was discovered in Kazakhstan by the poet Johann Van Goethe. His discovery of the pink and fiery stone was significant enough to earn him the honor of the mineral bearing his name.

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Now, a gem collector or jeweler can find the stone in any variation, from soft, milky pink to an almost clear pink spangled in red.


Strawberry Magic

People in high-stress, fast-moving work environments may want a piece made with strawberry quartz, as this stone’s metaphysical property is said to be very calming and ready to soothe a worried soul. The pink crystal is ready to help its owner connect to the heart chakra, making it a reminder not only of romantic love but also self-love.


Strawberry Quartz Projects

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Meditation enthusiasts often use this stone to focus on balancing their energies and psyche, as this stone is meant to be a great way to reconnect with the soul and the self. If someone is new to meditation, this is also a great accessory to have on their journey inward. If you bring magic into your life through crystals, a rosy strawberry stone is an essential item to include in your collection.

The strawberry quartz doesn’t need a lot of dressing up, so it’s enough just to give it a nice platform where it can shine and spread its love all through the world.

You want to give it a nice soft gold or platinum chain or to set off its pastel shade. If you can, keep the rougher shape to show its natural beauty. If a piece is overly polished, it may come across as a false stone, and you want to brag you have a real one.

This simple yet gorgeous necklace takes the rough, raw shape of crystals and uses it to an advantage. The small, rough spears line up like pipes on a pan flute and have a nice, ancient look to them. All they need is a delicate chain for them to hang off, and they are ready to wear or sit on your display for the next customer to snatch up.

If you prefer to keep your strawberry quartz close to your heart and feel its good vibrations all day long, a pendant may be a better choice. A great wire wrap is in order here, particularly if you prefer a nice, round bead as opposed to the rougher cut.

To help the strawberry color come out, look for a nice rose gold for your wire and use a soft design that floats around the stone. Remember, these stones represent gentleness and love; a more jagged or minimal design could work but won’t feel as natural a correspondent as a softer look.

This tutorial does a nice job of demonstrating this kind of approach, respecting the shape and feel of the crystal as well as making it beautiful. Take a look.