5 Freshwater Pearl Colors That Are Perfect for Your Winter Jewelry Creations

Pearls are a beautiful gemstone for year-round wear. Because they come in so many different colors, they can be worn with just about everything, and they exude a timeless elegance that simply cannot be replicated by other stones.

fresh water pearls closeup

Winter is a great time to show off the luster of pearls. One of the main differences between wearing them during the summer and during the winter, however, is that they’re less likely to be worn directly against your skin during cooler weather. Instead, pearls are often worn outside of cozy sweaters and other warm garments when the weather turns chilly. As a result, choosing the perfect ones to wear is often less about complementing your skin tone and more about matching your clothing.

If you are working on designing pearl jewelry for winter, you are in luck. While you may want to avoid colors like bright orange and vibrant pink that are more closely associated with summer and complementing one’s skin tone, there are still plenty of winter-friendly freshwater pearl colors to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.



You can’t go wrong with the classic white pearl at any time of the year. During the winter months, it is the perfect complement to shimmering snow and ice, and its timeless beauty makes it appropriate for even the fanciest of holiday parties. Since the little black dress is one of the most common looks for those formal gatherings, a strand of white pearls is an accessory that always “pops” and exudes feelings of elegance and sophistication.

Off-white pearls work well, too. This shade tends to be a bit less costly than pure white stones but is still just as elegant.



The second best color for winter pearl jewelry falls at the opposite end of the color spectrum. Though they are a relative newcomer to the world of freshwater pearls, black pearls have quickly become some of the hottest on the market, and for good reason. They are a perfect addition to whatever outfit you may be wearing to a formal black-tie affair, but they also look incredible when paired with more casual styles.

Black pearls make lovely necklaces, but they also look incredible in earrings, bracelets and even rings. They can also be paired with other colors of pearls to make an even larger impact. Because they are relatively new to the pearl scene, they do a great job of putting an unexpected twist on a timeless classic.

blue pearls in shell



Is there any other color that captures winter’s chill quite like blue? We don’t think so. For that reason, blue pearls are an excellent addition to any winter jewelry wardrobe. Choose between deep navy blue stones, soft baby blue ones and everything in between to find the ones that perfectly capture the look you are going for.

Blue freshwater pearls would make a lovely necklace or earrings to wear to a formal winter dance. They would also pair nicely with many festive holiday looks. Blue is a favorite color among many, so jewelry featuring pearls of this color is sure to be popular!



Capture the spirit of the holiday season by creating red pearl jewelry that is worthy of Mrs. Claus herself! Available in shades of berry, merlot, ruby and more, red pearls are versatile and can be used to create any type of jewelry you can imagine. These rich colors are quite unexpected for pearls, too, so using them in your creations is sure to turn some heads. If you really want to go all out for the holiday season, you can even pair your red pearls with green ones to create pieces that almost scream “Christmas.” Red and white pearls pair nicely together, too, and are reminiscent of peppermint candy canes.

woman wearing pearl jewelry


Gold pearls have a rich, luxurious feel, and they are becoming increasingly popular among pearl aficionados. Ranging from soft champagne shades to rich coppery hues, golden freshwater pearls can add a touch of regality to any piece of jewelry. Use them on their own, or pair them with shimmering silver pearls for a unique mixed “metal” look. Feel free to experiment with combining different colors of gold, too, to come up with interesting pieces that are perfect for winter.


If you would like to use pearls in your winter jewelry creations, there are all sorts of colors to choose from. Freshwater pearls come in a rainbow of colors, and they are the perfect materials for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.