6x4-15x9mm Iolite Beads Tumbled Top Drilled Nugget 8 inch 50 pcs

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Iolite Tumbled Top Drilled Nuggets measure approximately 6x4mm to 15x9mm in size, gems have an opaque body with a tumbled polish creating an asymmetrical nugget shape, the gems show moderate internal characteristics, the pleochroic gem exhibits three distinct colors depending on the direction that light enters the gem - medium purplish blue, medium light grayish blue and light grey, the gemstone has been called Water Sapphire because of the color matching to ideal Sapphire hues, and these gemstones have been top drilled to allow for a larger presentation.

Gem Type: Iolite Beads
Size: Approx. 6x4-15x9mm
Length: Approx. 8 inch
SKU: 433827

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