8-15mm Tanzanite Beads Plain Rondelle, AA Grade 15.25 inch 55 pieces

Tanzanite Plain Rondelles measure approximately 8mm up to 15mm in diameter, gems have a vitreous luster, exhibit excellent polish on symmetrical rondelle shapes, the widths are consistent throughout the strand, these pleochroic beads are well matched for their quality and strong purplish tone on strand, and the gems have a brilliant purplish medium dark Blue hue with internal characteristics in this excellent group of Tanzanite beads. This strand grades as AA Quality due to its World Class color and make, larger than average size, and tonal matching on the strand.

Shape: Plain Rondelle Beads
Size: Approx. 8-15mm dia
Length: Approx. 15.25 inch
SKU: 422581

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