9-16mm Multi Color Tourmaline Beads Plain Nugget

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Multi Color Tourmaline Plain Nuggets measure approximately 9x9x7mm to 16x8x7mm in size, show excellent deeply saturated color on these smooth nuggets of average size, the bodies have a vitreous luster with good polish and an asymmetrical shape, the gems are transparent showing Multi Color gems of Pink, Indicolite, Yellow, Violet, Peach, Green, Mint, Watermelon, & Padparadscha Pink, the gemstones exhibit good brilliance exhibiting internal characteristics, these Tourmaline beads are well matched for even color on each side of the strand, and the gems have a consistent quality creating a pleasing group of Tourmaline beads in an average full-bodied size.

Shape: Plain Nugget Beads
Size: Approx. 9x9-16x8mm
Length: Approx. 16 inch
SKU: 418643

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