16-18mm Lapis Lazuli Heart Briolette 8 inch 28 pieces

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Lapis Lazuli Heart Briolettes measure approximately 16x16mm up to a large 18x18mm in size, have a vitreous luster exhibiting an excellent cut and symmetrical shape, gems have a slightly abraided facet for a good polish grade, the opaque strongly purplish blue body is the world class hue that one expects from Lapis, the bodies show calcite and exhibit pyrite inclusions creating a mottled white / cream effect from the calcite along with a wonderful golden metallic glint from the pyrite, the Egyptians prized stones of this color and created paints called UltraMarine Blue, and the group reflects the beauty of Lapis held throughout the ages.

Gem Type: Lapis Lazuli Beads
Shape: Faceted Heart Beads
Size: Approx. 16x16-18x18mm
Length: Approx. 8 inch
SKU: 416370

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