Green and Purple Iridescent Agate Drusy Focal Bead

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Green and Purple Iridescent Agate Drusy Bead free shape measures approximately 27x18x10mm in size, the focal drusy has been treated with an iridescent metallic coating on the crystals that create a sparkling feature, as the Drusy bead is moved it shows a tri-color mystic alternating reddish purple to a green to a golden hue, the plain exterior of the gem has been treated a tri-color metallic golden, purple and green hue, these treatments are stable, the bead is an asymmetrical shape, this focal bead has a drill hole, and this Tri-color Metallic Drusy bead will be an impressive and remarkable gemstone for your designs.

Focal Type: Drusy Focal Beads
Gem Type: Drusy `Druzy` Beads
Size: Approx. 27x18x10mm
SKU: 434995

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