Double Terminated Quartz Focal Bead Set of 3 pieces

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Double Terminated Quartz Focal Beads measure in varying sizes within the group presenting with a vitreous luster on the Crystal Quartz body exhibiting the rare Double Terminated Quartz formation with its transparent body having internal characteristics. Natural Crystal Quartz focal beads are unique in the gem world because of the crystal points on each termination or end. All Double Terminated Quartz gems have not been confirmed to be Herkimer Diamond but resemble them in shape. Quartz beads are Piezoelectric which means that they transforms Energy into Light - Heat or Electric Voltage. Scientists in the 1950`s used Quartz as a transmitter of electricity in circuitry for this very reason. These colorless quartz gems may well be over 400 million years old having been formed in the Cambrian-age marine layer. Double Terminated Quartz Crystals are an amazing & rare find.

Focal Type: Gemstone Focal Beads
Gem Type: Double Terminated Quartz Beads
Size: varies 14x11x6-17x13.5x7mm average
SKU: 432521

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