7x6-9x6mm Multi Color Afghani Tourmaline Plain Oval Nuggets 16 inch 49 pcs

Afghani multi-color Tourmaline plain oval nuggets measure approximately 7x6x5mm up to 9x6x4mm in size, these beads have a superior glass like luster with excellent polish on an asymmetrical oval nugget shape, Afghani tourmaline beads exhibit a medium light saturation of pink, greenish yellow, yellowish pink, mint green, Indicolite & watermelon (bi-color green & pink) hues, these gemstones are translucent with internal characteristics, gems are wonderfully matched for coloring patterning on the strand for these Tourmaline gemstones from Afghanistan, and the gems show great color in a full-bodied nugget of average size.

Gem Type: Tourmaline Beads
Shape: Plain Nugget Beads
Size: Approx. 7x6-9x6mm
Length: Approx. 16 inch
SKU: 418021

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