4x3-10x9mm Schalenblende Plain Nugget Beads 18 inch 55 pieces

Rare Schalenblende plain nugget beads consists of alternating bands of brown-yellow sphalerite, brunckite and wurtzite, and lustrous galena. These beads are asymmetrical and have bountiful areas of metallic grey and banded golden yellow and brown hues. 

Schalenblende is an opaque stone with a banded formation that reveals concentric yellow-brown-cream hued Sphalerite and can have Marcasite, Brunckite, and Wurtzite inter-grown as well as metallic areas of Galena or Pyrite. Sphalerite and Wurtzite are fluorescent in UV light. This stone is mainly mined in Northern Europe; Poland, Belgium, and Germany.

Type: Schalenblende
Shape: Large Hole Gemstone Beads
Size: 4x3mm to 10x9mm
Pieces: 55
Length: 18 in
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