4-6mm Color Change Garnet Unpolished Nugget Beads 16 inch 98 pieces

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Color Change Garnet Unpolished Nuggets measure approximately 4x6mm to 6x6mm in size, the gems are natural alluvial Garnets with a rare Color Change phenomenon from yellowish brown to orangy brown in hue, the gems are natural and unpolished, the gem bodies present with a non-faceted surface of natural origin with some gems showing the crystal structure of Garnet, and they have been untouched by man except for straight drill holes that best exhibit these rare and natural Color Change Garnets. Fascinating gemstones!

Gem Type: Color Change Garnet Beads
Shape: Plain Nugget Beads
Size: Approx. 4x6-6x6mm
Length: Approx. 16 inch
SKU: 421013

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