35x29-37x29mm Prehistoric Ammonite Fossil Focal Bead Set of 2

Ammonite Fossil Set of 2 Focal Beads exhibit a vitreous luster which is the result of Quartz minerals entering the Ammonite`s skeleton structure over millions of years to create a fossilized form. The fossilized minerals create Drusy features within the spiral structure provide an ochre yellow, tannish brown, creamy white, caramel, and brown hued spiral septa. This Ammonite Fossil Set is a stunning section with detailed and lovely patterning. The name `ammonite` originates from the Greek Ram-horned god called Ammon. Ammonite first appeared ~400 million years ago in marine environments and their demise coincided with the extinction event that closed the Cretaceous Period. Imagine owning a natural, prehistoric Ammonite Fossil which has been encased in the Earth`s ancient sea for 400 million years.

Size: 35.5x29x8-37x29.8x9.2mm
SKU: 435766

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