23x12x30-23x10x34mm White Rose' Souffle Freshwater Pearls 16 inch 13 pieces

23x12x30-23x10x34mm White Rose' fairly well matched for a slightly grey off white hue. Souffle Freshwater pearls are cultured with a organic substance in the center which is removed when the pearl is harvested. This process leaves the large outer shape of the pearl intact, thick, and stable with a thicker nacre than a normal pearl. Souffle pearls have beautiful luster, show an iridescent orient, show great quality on the strand, and have a near weightless heft allowing for a variety of jewelry options. AAA grade.

Size: 23.6x12.3x30-23.3x10.9x34.3mm
Length: 16 inch
SKU: 9398

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