21x18mm Ceratite Fossil Focal Bead

Ceratite Fossil Bead measures approximately 21x18x9mm in size, this Ceratite Fossil is a full specimen showing the shell containing a spiraling chambers divided by thin walls called septa, the pattern of the septa is reflected on the outside of the shell called sutures, this fossil`s sutures are wave-like lines which classify the septa as Ceratite, and this milky white fossil with its black wavy patterning and brown features is a particularly beautiful form which has been drilled from side to side as shown in the photograph. The species first appeared in the late Silurian to early Devonian Periods (~400 million years ago). Only some 10% of species survived the Permian Extinction, and their ultimate demise coincided with that of the dinosaurs in the K-T extinction event that closed the Cretaceous Period. Imagine owning a natural Ammonite Fossil which has been encased in Earth`s ancient sea for 400 million years.

Size: Approx. 21x18x9mm
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